M588 Multifunction Robotic Auto Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Panel & Remote Controller (Include Dock)(Orange)

M588 Multifunction Robotic Auto Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Panel & Remote Controller (Include Dock)(Orange)

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As a member of M588 latest generation of home robots, the M588 vacuum cleaning robot features the newest innovations for dramatically improved performance, reliability and durability, It systematically cleans up to FOUR rooms on a single charge, gets into hard to reach areas like wall edges and beneath furniture while avoiding stairs and other drop-offs, M588 automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again. Improved virtual wall tells KV8 where to clean by restricting off-limit areas (2 included), When the cleaning is complete, or if the battery is running low, KV8 automatically returns to the self-charging home base to dock and recharge.

Standard Features:

1) Efficiently vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets and hard floors

2) Counter rotating bristle brush and beater brush work together like a dustpan and broom

3) Sturdy bristle brush digs deep into carpet fibers to grab dirt, debris, pet hair and more

4) Powerful vacuum sucks large and small debris to the large, bag-less bin

5) Fine filter traps dust, pollen and tiny particulate inside the bin

6) Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges

7) Detects dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them

8) Spot clean provides quick clean-up of spills and concentrated messes

9) Automatically senses and avoids stairs and other drop-offs

10) Simple operation-just press the clean button and KV8 does the rest

Technical Specifications:

1) Rated Voltage: Ni-Cd 14.4V 1500mAh

2) Battery: Rechargeable battery (the charge time is about 5h)

3) Working Hours: About 60 (1500mA/60miutes, 2200mA/90miutes)

4) Rated Power: <24W

5) Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 Degrees Celsius

6) Operating Humidity Range: <=85RH

7) AC/DC Adapter: AC 100/240V 50/60Hz DC24A 1.0A

8) Wireless Remote: ISM frequency band 2.4GHz

9) Dimension: 320 x 87mm

10) Weight: 3.2kg

11) Battery Capacity: 1500mA / 2200mA

Technical Specifications of Remote Control:

1) Applicable Modes: M588

2) Rated Voltage: 3V

3) Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not include)

4) Remote Mode: ISM frequency band 2.4GHz

5) Receiving & Transmitting Distance: >=10M

6) Transmitting Power: 0dB

7) Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 Degrees Celsius

8) Operating Humidity Range: <=85RH

9) Dimension: 100 x 25mm

10) Weight: 0.08kg

Technical Specifications of Docking Station:

1) Dimension: 200 x 51 x 102mm

2) Weight: 0.23kg

3) Rated Voltage: 24V

4) Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 Degrees Celsius

5) Operating Humidity Range: <=85RH

Technical Specifications of Space Isolator:

1) Dimension: 102 x 71 x 106mm

2) Weight: 0.14kg

3) Rated Voltage: 3V

4) Battery: 2 x batteries D 3V (not include)

5) Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 Degrees Celsius

6) Operating Humidity Range: <=85RH

Accessories: Cleaner; Remote Control; Auto Charging Docking Station; AC/DC Adaptor; Manual; Docking Station Sticker; Space Isolator; Trailing Bar; Mop Pad x 2; Dust Brush; Side Brush x 2; SFilter x 2
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