Elegant Car Seat Gap Organizer (1/2 Pcs)
Elegant Car Seat Gap Organizer (1/2 Pcs)

Elegant Car Seat Gap Organizer (1/2 Pcs)

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The Elegant Car Seat Gap Organizer (1/2 Pcs) helps you make full use of the space in the front of your car. It fits perfectly in-between your seat and center console, closing that annoying gap that people constantly drop food, phones, and other stuff into.

The Elegant Car Seat Gap Organizer provides a solution for your phone, tablet, beverages and more! Never again blindly look for your phone between the seats!


Not only does this organizer fills that gap, it also organizes your belongings and comes with an extra cup holder! It's the perfect item to keep your car organized and clean. It also does not hinder your normal sitting posture or use of a seat belt.

The Elegant Car Seat Gap Organizer also features a charger hole that allows you to slide your charging cable and recharge your phone with no problems.


  • Gives you a space to put your phone, gum, wallet, change etc
  • Protects your items from dropping between your seat and center console
  • Charging cable hole for your phone
  • Makes your car neat and tidy
  • Installs in seconds. Simply slide it down the gap
  • Stays put while you adjust your seat and doesn't block your seat belt
  • Made of premium quality, abrasion resistant PU leather


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Size: about 26*16.5*20cm/10.24 * 6.50 * 7.87in

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