Kanex USB-C 1.2m to USB-A 3.0 Cable

Kanex USB-C 1.2m to USB-A 3.0 Cable

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  • Display Resolution - Analog:3MP(18fps) 1080P/720P/960H, IP:4MP/3MP1080P/720P
  • Record resolution - Analog:3MP/1080P/720P/960H, IP:4MP/3MP1080P/720P
  • Record speed - Analog:3MP:7fps(each ch)1080P:PAL:15fps(each ch), 720P:PAL:25fps(each ch)/NTSC::30fps(each ch), 960H:PAL:25fps(each ch)/NTSC::30ps(each ch), IP:PAL:25fps(each ch)/NTSC:30fps(each ch)
  • Maximum output Brandwidth - 32Mbps
  • Maximum decode performance - 1080P:4CH realtime
  • Recording Mode - Continuous/Manual/Motion detect

The Kanex USB-C to USB3.0 reversible cable allows you to connect to your computers USB-A ports for fast syncing and charging. The user-friendly cable offers faster data transfer rates than ever before. Transfer data of up to 10Gbps with this convenient all-in-one cable.

The USB-C to USB 3.0 Charge and Sync Cable delivers up to 3.0 amps of power for a quick charge to your USB-C devices. Whether you use a wall adapter or car charger, this cable will deliver a fast and reliable charge every time it is connected.


  • Kanex USB-C-A to USB 3.0 Cable for MacBook 2015
  • Stay charge and connected at all times
  • Fast, reliable and convenient all-in-one cable
  • Transfer data of up to 10Gbps
  • Delivers up to 3.0 amps of power
  • Brilliant Design
  • 1.2m Cable length