Car Emergency Escape Tool
Car Emergency Escape Tool

Car Emergency Escape Tool

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  • Ultra Bright LED Flashlight and Built in Roadside SOS flashing red Emergency Warning Light
  • Window Breaking Tool and Seatbelt cutter, helps you get out when you’re involved in an accident
  • Connect your phone with the Flashlight, hand crank it to charge your phone for emergency
  • Features Four Embedded Magnets; Adheres to Vehicle Roof in Emergency
  • Portable and compact, fits in your glove compartment, safely Operates all Functions Even in the Wet


Safety Indoors, Outdoors & On the Road 
As its name suggests, the Ivation 5-in-1 dynamo is a lightweight and portable device that is packed full with 5 useful safety and utility tools. Whether you're indoors during a blackout, outdoors on a camping or hiking adventure, or are simply a frequent road traveler, this device is the ultimate safety companion - and an economical one too. It is fully rainproof, so you can keep one at home, once in the garage, one in the shed, and one in the glove compartment, and they'll all be ready for you in any eventuality. 

Intuitive Design for Ultimate Ease of Use 
the Ivation 5-in-1 dynamo presents a high powered flashlight and still won’t need you to change the batteries, the tip features a bright LED flashlight, a seatbelt cutter, and a windshield hammer with a rubber cover, SOS red flashing light, and port for emergency charge your mobile devices (cable included). Note: The cellphone charge option is intend as an emergency recharger, and is not designed to completely recharge you device, 

Flexible Charging Anywhere, Anytime 
to recharge simply turn the integrated crank handle clockwise at around 3 revolutions per second for 1 minute or more, continue cranking for additional power as needed. Another nice feature is a set of three embedded magnets in the flashlight tip that adhere to your vehicle rooftop for increased visibility during a roadside emergency