FLEXIVANA Lazy Stand Up Charging Cable

FLEXIVANA Lazy Stand Up Charging Cable

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FLEXIVANA Lazy Stand Up Charging Cable is a product designed with functionality that is made for a simple lifestyle. It securely holds your gadgets and offers 2A current of high-speed charging that is proven to be faster than standard cables.

FLEXIVANA Lazy Stand Up Charging Cable also provides you with guaranteed performance to sync devices and simultaneous charging with up to 480Mb/s transferring speed.

It is created with a highly durable metal goose-neck making it fully flexible to rotate while holding your gadgets with a connector head that don't get loose so you can be assured that your gadgets won't fall off easily. You can also change the phone's position at your desired distance and angle to make viewing entirely hassle-free.

Available for Apple and Android (Micro USB or Type C). Ideal for your car's mobile charging cable or kitchen. Allowing you to watch your favorite videos while you cook, in the bed, on your work desk or even on an exercise bike.


  • Available for Apple and Android (Micro USB and Type C)
  • Designed with durability that can hold the weight of gadgets
  • It is made with a flexible cable that can be rotated
  • Allows you a hands-free movie/video watching and listening to music
  • Offers maximum 2A fast speed charging than most cables
  • It has a steady connector head that doesn’t loosen up
  • Provides convenient viewing angle


  • Material: Metal goose-neck and stainless steel connector
  • Length: 50cm / 19.7inch
  • Net Weight80gapproximately
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Output: 2A (max)               

Package Content:

  • 1pc - FLEXIVANA Lazy Stand Up Charging Cable