FI 370Z Twin Turbo System

FI 370Z Twin Turbo System

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  • Precision cast, superior flow, tubular Exhaust Manifolds with stainless steel heat shields.
  • STAGE 1 TiAL/XONA 2860 / TO4B Cover / Dual ball bearing oil & water cooled Turbochargers. (700+ RWH Capable)
  • TiAL investment cast stainless steel v-band Turbine Housings for the GT/HTZ-28 series Turbochargers. The Turbine Housings have a 33% weight reduction vs. Iron Housings.
  • TiAL 38mm MV-S external Wastegates with water cooling capabilities.
  • TiAL Q 50mm Blow Off Valves.
  • F.I. 370Z Front mount Air-Air Intercooler.
  • (AFE) Advanced Flow Research Pro 5R (5 layer) Air Filters.
  • 6061 mandrel bent "polished" aluminum Intercooler Tubing. (Optional finishes are available.)
  • 4 Ply "black" high temperature Silicone Couplers.
  • Stainless steel T-Bolt Clamps.
  • Aircraft grade "Teflon Coated" stainless steel braided Turbocharger -3 oil feed & -6 Coolant Lines.
  • F.I. Power Steering Cooler relocation kit.
  • Greddy high capacity cast aluminum, baffled Oil Pan. In addition to the high capacity, this oil pan will improve cooling efficiency. (Includes stainless steel mounting hardware.)
  • F.I. CNC billet aluminum GT/HTZ-28 series Turbocharger Drain Flanges. The Drain Flanges utilize O-Rings vs. Gaskets.
  • Dash 10 high temperature Turbocharger Oil Drain Lines.
  • F.I. CNC billet aluminum Oil Filter relocation kit. The kit comes with an upper Oil Pan side mounting block & Oil Filter relocation block.
  • 5mm high temperature Silicone Vacuum Hose.
  • Bosch balanced & flow matched, 650cc high impedance fuel injectors with Denso plug & play connectors.
  • Fueling kit:
    • -Walbro 255 Liters Per Hour (LPH) in tank fuel pump.
    • -F.I. fuel pump mounting & electrical installation kit.


  • STAGE 2: Xonarotor 49.48 (HTZ-2868 Billet Wheel) dual ball bearing, oil & water cooled turbochargers. (800+ RWH Capable)
  • STAGE 3: Xonarotor 65.64 (HTZ-3579 Billet Wheel) dual ball bearing, oil & water cooler turbochargers. (1,000+ RWH Capable)
    • Xonarotor turbochargers are optimized for surge line performance and high pressure ratio efficiency. All Xonarotor turbochargers come standard with the TiAL ALPHA Compressor Cover. Showcasing high flow volute geometry, with integrated back plate. Covers are custom CNC machined and contoured.
  • F.I. Oil cooler kit: Setrab Series (6) 34 row Oil Cooler & aircraft grade "Teflon Coated" stainless steel braided -8 oil lines. (Includes all mounting brackets & hardware)
  • Walbro 450 Liter Per Hour (LPH) Fuel Pump & SPAL relay kit.
  • Bosch balanced & flow matched, 1000cc high impedance Fuel Injectors for high horsepower & E85 Ethanol applications.
  • F.I. ETE (Exhaust Transition Elbows):
    • ETE's will allow you to retain the OEM catalytic converters and are only recommended in this configuration.
  • F.I. T-304 stainless steel Down Pipes (Optional configurations & finishes available):
    • Full 3" Down Pipes
    • 3" - 2.5" Down Pipes
    • Internal Wastegate recirculation
    • External Wastegate dump
  • Tuning packages available utilizing ECUTek Race Rom 2 Software:
    • Package 1: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on 1 fuel, excuding E85 ethanol.**
    • Package 2: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on 2 fuels, excluding E85 ethanol.**
    • Package 3: ECUTek License / Custom (DRIVE IN) Tune - Up to 4 maps on flex fuel. (Calibrated for E10 - E85)**
    • Package 4: ECUTek License / Interface Cable / (EMAIL) Tune - Up to 4 maps on 2 fuels, excluding E85 ethanol. Interface Cable will be shipped, License & Tune will be sent through e-mail.
    • Package 5: ECUTek License / Interface Cable / (EMAIL) Tune - Up to 4 maps on flex fuel. (Calibrated for E10 - E85) Interface Cable will be shipped, License & Tune will be sent by e-mail. 

       **Fuel not included. ECUTek Interface Cable not included. 


  • Application Specific: 2009+ Nissan 370Z Base, Sport, Touring & NISMO.
  • If you choose not to purchase our oil cooler, you must still use use some type of oil cooler in conjunction with the TT system.
  • An ECU flash / retune is manditory when using our TT system. Failure to comply with this can cause catastrophic failure to your engine and TT system main components.
  • Not compatible on Right Hand Drive vehicles.
  • Gaskets, hardware and a detailed step-by-step installation manual are included.
  • This product is hand built to order with a lead time of 8-12 weeks. Once your order is placed, you will receive an invoice with your estimated shipping date. Note: The 8-12 week lead time fluctuates based on order volume.
  • This product may not be legal for highway use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.
  • Not legal for sale in California.
  • Customers outside the continental U.S. Are subject to additional shipping charges.
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