Tech Accessories Travel Bag Organizer
Tech Accessories Travel Bag Organizer

Tech Accessories Travel Bag Organizer

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Tangled cords? Cluttered chargers and adapters?

This organizer bag is your all-in-one solution!

This versatile bag has the most efficient packing feature for your cables, chargers, adapters and other small electronic items. It lets you pack the most number of gears with the least amount of space needed. And it seamlessly fits into your suitcase, backpack, or other carry-on bags while keeping your accessories neat and tidy.

It can also efficiently serve as your travel checklist. Before you go anywhere, just open the case and check if everything is in there, preventing you from leaving things behind.

It has multiple pockets of various sizes to provide greater flexibility in organizing your accessories. It has elastic loops to hold your cables and headphones, special pouches for your SD cards and sim cards, and expandable mesh pouches to store your chargers, USB drives and power banks. And the inside is padded with foam to better protect your items. 

On top of the awesome organizing feature, this bag has 2 holes that allow you to charge your phone and other electronic devices directly without having to remove the chargers and cables inside the bag! What an organized way to charge your phone!

Accessories not included.


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