Dok 3-port Smartphone Charger With Speaker & Alarm Clock

Dok 3-port Smartphone Charger With Speaker & Alarm Clock

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With the CR18 3-Port Smartphone Charger with Speaker & Alarm Clock from Dk you can charge any 3 portable media devices including phones all at the same time! The 3-Port Smartphone charger also features Smart Current Detection so it adjusts the current flow to ensure proper charging to each device. Not only that it is also universally compatible with any smart device and allows playing a device through its speaker while charging! You can also use your Dok 3-Port Smartphone Charger to wake up to FM stereo alarm clock radio.

Charges Any 3 Portable Media Devices Simultaneously

  • Scd (smart Current Detection) Adjusts The Current Flow To Ensure Proper Charging To Each Device

  • Displays & Plays One Device On Doks Speaker System While Charging Another

  • Compatible With Any Smart Device

  • Plays A Device Through Its High-quality Speaker System

  • Clock Radio With Fm Stereo Wake Alarm Option

  • Compatible Cradle For Smartphones & Mp3 Players

  • Holds Up To 3 Devices While Charging In Cradles

  • Surge Protection Built-in

  • Tidy-cable Organizer Feature

  • Time Alarm & Sleep Functions

  • Battery Backup For Power Outages

  • 4w Output Power

  • 110v and -240v and 50 Hz-60 Hz Ac Power Ul Approved