Charging Cable Keychain
Charging Cable Keychain

Charging Cable Keychain

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📱 With this unique charging cable, you will never run out of battery again!🙌
Forget about the unattractive USB cables and chargers that are bulky and inconvenient! This cable is incredibly stylish and discreet so you can carry it with you without anyone even realizing that it is a cable!


  • ✅ CONVENIENT KEY RING DESIGN: No need to worry about tangled cords in your bag or remembering to put your charger in your backpacker pocket. You can always take it with you when you leave the house.

  • ✅ FAST AND EFFICIENT: You will never again run out of battery with this unique charging cable! The leather USB cable is compatible with all android devices and it will give you extremely fast charging and data transfer every time for your convenience.
  • ✅ It can be fully charged in up to 45 minutes,Thick copper core, faster and safer Charging Smart match, about 1 hour full phone.

  • Durable joint, not hot.
  • Double layer isolation, inner layer with glue and outer alloy.
  • Use flexible nylon material to ensure durable and not broken.

The innovative design is convenient to carry.
Delicate and small, and the design of the intimate ring on the head is very easy to take, and it can also be hung on the backpack and mobile phone as decorations.

Easy to organize clutter.
Only 15 cm long.USB and charging ports are well stored in the metal warehouse, while ring fasteners and hanging cords are convenient for daily storage.

Product color: black, red
Product net weight: 35 g
Product style: android interface, apple interface, type-c interface