Browning Trailmate USB Rechargeable Keychain Green & White LED Cap Light 5015

Browning Trailmate USB Rechargeable Keychain Green & White LED Cap Light 5015

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Ultra-compact light with pocket/cap clip and key ring lanyard, white and green LEDs, high/low modes, rugged polymer body.

Small enough to take with you, powerful enough to use all the time. The Trailmate is a super compact light you can keep on your keychain, but when you need a good light its small size understates how powerful it is. At 360 Lumens on high mode, the Trailmate is more than powerful enough for big jobs. The low power mode will give you light for 6 hour or switch to the green LED for 18 hours in the field.

USB Charge. In the past, lights using rechargeable batteries required specialized and often bulky chargers and cables. USB Charge capability allows you to use standard Micro USB cables to plug into the light directly or even directly into the battery to quickly top off your charge with home and car cables/charges that you already have on hand.

LENGTH 2-3/4" 
BRIGHTNESS Incredible light output in a very compact package • 7 to 360 lumens depending on mode 
EFFECTIVE DISTANCES 35 to 90 yards depending on mode
FEATURES Powerful white and green LEDs that never needs replacing • Lightweight rugged polymer design with locking on/off switches is ideal for everyday carry • Always at hand on a keychain, backpack or purse • Handy pocket clip also attaches the light to your cap for hands-free use • Li-polymer battery is rated for 300 charging cycles • Recharges in just 2-3 hours from most AC power sources • USB charging port with waterproof cover • Color coded charging status indicators • Water-resistant • Includes USB charging cable