300 ml Mini Air Humidifier USB Power Supply for Home Office Car
300 ml Mini Air Humidifier USB Power Supply for Home Office Car

300 ml Mini Air Humidifier USB Power Supply for Home Office Car

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* Available anywhere USB power supply, a key to start and switch modes, up to 100 million times per minute, ultra-high frequency ultrasonic atomization, the four major user-friendly and practical design.

For PC office moisturizer, moisturizing car, clean up remover, face moisturizing spray, anti-radiation living room TV, fresh air, sleep, water and so the whole scene!

* Effectively improve a variety of skin problems, deep water, effective cleaning and effective control oil, unclog pores, etc.Bottom of the cup has a soft glue, non-slip and wear-resistant.

* Added aroma in the water to help sleep. Join insect repellent in the water to help get rid of mosquitoes. 

* Soothing decompression, eliminate fatigue. Atomized high-frequency vibrations of the water molecules quickly atomized, so that the skin more easily absorbed.

* With the LED luminous characters, warm night light function, a variety of ways to take power, for example: notebook power supply, power charger, mobile power supply, and so on. With USB more easier.

* Anion moisturizing skin whitening, anti-radiation water smoked aroma, nanometer micro-mist humidifier control PM2.5, air purification powerful anti-drying four major functions, with the ultra-portable minimalist design.



Size: 17*8*8 CM

Product Weight: 180g

Water tank capacity: 300 ml

Input voltage: DC5V

Product Power: 2W

Switches: key switch

Material: ABS + PC

Wire Specifications: USB cable length 1.0M

Packing Material: color carton

Color: blue


Easy To Use:

step 1: Reversal uncap

step 2: Add pure water

step 3: Close the lid clockwise

step 4: Open to use, press once, continuous fog, push twice, indirectly out of the fog


Package Includes:

1 x Mini air Humidifier

2 x Bibulous Cotton Stick

1 x USB Cable



1.With Automatic switch, start working from the humidifier can last four hours, you do not have to worry about security problems, as long as two-thirds of the water inside the humidifier when you start to use it.

2.Ion humidifier, car air purification sterilization, steam moisturizing facial beauty, home office in addition to formaldehyde. you deserve to have.Any problem please feel free to contact us through Amazon Email System and we will do our best to serve you.