3-in-1 Crank Light / Radio / Phone Charger (best survival kit)

3-in-1 Crank Light / Radio / Phone Charger (best survival kit)

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How often can you depend on a flashlight? Flashlights randomly break, and their batteries run out unexpectedly, making most of them unreliable and unusable. And if you’re ever in an emergency, only to find your flashlight isn’t working, that’s not too great is it?

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because this flashlight is 100% self-powered…

No need for wires, cables, or even batteries! Although you can charge this flashlight with the included USB cable, you can also power it on by cranking the handle. Doing so winds up the internal alternator, and with a minute of cranking, your flashlight will shine for a full 30 minutes!

But that’s not all… This flashlight also charges with the built-in solar panel. That way, you won’t even have to lift a finger!

And this isn’t only a flashlight, it’s also an AM/FM radio player and an external recharging tool too! 

With a LED lifespan of 100,000 hours, you’ll be bringing this with you for the many years to come.


  • LED Flashlight has a built-in AM/FM radio and solar panel 
  • 3 Ways to charge — USB, cranking, and solar energy
  • 1 Minute of cranking gives you 5 minutes of radio play, 30 minutes of constant light and 5 minutes of cell phone talk time
  • Perfect for outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, climbing or stored in a car trunk as well as any emergency kit

If you want a flashlight that will always be there for you, this is it. No more unexpected outages! Grab your self-powered radio flashlight today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!