2016 New Arrival Bluetooth Car Kit 180 Degree FM Transmitter With USB Charger MP3 Player

2016 New Arrival Bluetooth Car Kit 180 Degree FM Transmitter With USB Charger MP3 Player

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Material: ABS
Weight: 70 (g)
Storage Capacity: No memory
FM FM function:
PC Interface Type: Bluetooth cigarette lighter
Size: 1.2 inches
Power supply voltage: 12-24 (V)
Screen color: monochrome screen
Power Source: cigarette lighter type Car MP3
Source Source: Integrated Car MP3 Player
Occasions for gifts: Opening ceremony, birthday, awards commemorate, wedding, promotional advertising, business gifts, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, fairs, festivals, employee benefits, housewarming
Bluetooth function:
Remote Control: Yes
Slot: Micro SD / TF card
【product description】
1. [Bluetooth] songs: Power, Bluetooth blinking cursor, the screen displays FM frequency, with the car FM frequency to tune into the same; open the phone search for Bluetooth devices, after the voice prompts, the display shows bt, bluetooth cursor continues blinking, open the phone to play music instruments, music cell phones can be wirelessly transmitted to car audio player;
2. FM songs [AUX]: audio cable, this unit AUX hole 3.5mm headphone jack connection with the phone, adjust the machine frequency FM frequency consistent with the car, the phone is automatically transmitted to the car stereo music playback;
3. [drive] Handsfree: The call rings, the music automatically pauses, after turning on the speakerphone through the car stereo;
4. The mobile navigation [PA]: The voice navigation, a song volume is automatically reduced when the speech ended, the song volume is automatically increased
[5] Car Charger: USB port provide 1.0A current fast charging for mobile phones; non-high-current device is charging
6. [readable] U disk and TF card: supports MP3 and WMA format files, you can use as TF Card Reader
7.] [Full frequency transmitter: 87.5-108.0MHZ, LED digital screen, display the working frequency working condition bt, Call, etc.
Packing Accessories]:
Packing size: 100x42x118mm
FCL Number: 100
Bare metal + Package Weight: 90 grams
Carton size: 515x225x490mm
Accessories: manual / remote control / AUX line
main feature:
Bluetooth wireless phone loudspeaker mobile navigation phone charging life side navigation while listening to music while charging interfere with each other when the navigation voice broadcast song Volume automatically reduced at the end of the navigation voice calls ringing song Volume automatically rises automatically stop the music through the car stereo speakerphone
main feature:
1) Dual USB port charging, multi-car electronic devices at the same time meet the charge.
2) Use TF card / U disk play songs stored, after power can play; (the machine which only USB2 support U disk player / charging port, USB1 only as a charging port)
3) Support MP3, WA music file formats
4) support for audio input, via the phone cord into the AUX Car MP3 audio holes FM transmitter Section, high-definition quality;
5) The player with track automatic memory function, which allows you to remove the device after a power failure, scratch sounds of distress, when the player will remember the track being played back to power when the replay will automatically play the next time from this beginning.
1) This product is in operation or hot micro car will pause when you start / restart, is a normal phenomenon, ease of use.
2) When using the product for long periods, unplug from the cigarette lighter.
3) The machine only USB2 support U disk player / charging port (inside the USB port), USB1 only as a charging port (outermost USB port).
Simple Troubleshooting:
A, the frequency indicator does not light, check the fuse is damaged, the power supply voltage is within the rated operating voltage range, whether female cigarette lighter and better link;
B, if the indicator showing, single does not play, check the player whether unsupported audio;
C, if the display frequency is normal, but there is no sound, check whether the player was transferred to a minimum volume buttons
D, if we play songs that appear noise or the sound quality is not good, try to reduce the player volume, increase the volume of the car stereo, or download higher quality audio on the player.
Car MP3 use:
1. Plug the machine into the car cigarette lighter socket or charging, the machine will automatically enter the state of play and start playing the song;
2. Set the frequency of play; short press M key, then press the up or down key song, the transmit frequency can be set to a desired value;
3. Turn on the car radio, the radio frequency is set to the same with car MP3 player operating frequency. For example, car MP3 frequency is 87.5MHz, then tune into the radio frequency agreement (87.5MHz) can be played; if you encounter have murmur replace a frequency, time try to avoid using local radio frequencies to avoid interference, to achieve high clear sound.
4. Playback volume control; direct fluctuation rotary switches to adjust the volume.


Brand Name: PolarLander
Model Name: /
Item Size: 11.8*10*4.2
Material Type: ABS
Item Type: Bluetooth Car Kit
200000204: 200001576