12V Smart Compact Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer For Motorcycle Atv

12V Smart Compact Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer For Motorcycle Atv

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  • Suitable for all 12volt batteries.

  • Trickle/Float function.

  • Automatic voltage detector/Overcharge protection.

  • Reverse polarity and Shortcut-circuit connection protected.

  • 14 days warranty.

12V Battery Charger for Motorcycle usable US plug Japan plug
* Socket compatible with plug type A
(Mainly used, for instance, in North America and Central America and Japan)
or you may need a converter to use this product

[Main feature]
Trickle charge function allows during Winter
The battery charger is for starting engines of 12V Motorcycle.
Perfect for all types of 12V batteries such as conventional type, sealed type, AGM type, Gel type.

Voltage automatic detection:
Depends on the situation, the battery charger adjust the charging Voltage automatically.
Serious Over-discharging battery (to lower than 5 V) is NOT CHARGEABLE.

Full Automatic charging
The battery charger has functions of full automatic charging and maintenance.
You can leave the battery charger connected with the battery while you are not riding a motorcycle.

Error protection
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit protection

LED display
You can see the charging status and maintenance conditions at a glance

Easy replacement of charging cable
You can replace cable connector and Alligator clip depending on the situation.

Dust and drip-proof comply with IP65.

Initial warranty: 14 days
Out of warranty:
Short circuit caused by Miss-operation
Malfunction after use (more than once)
Things that are not related to performance such as dirt of the package or body of the battery charger.