Where did the coronavirus come from? A new Pew poll finds that roughly 1 in 3 Americans think it doesn't have a natural origin -- that, in fact, it was created in a lab

Infectious disease experts, however, say the most likely origin is that the virus is naturally occurring and made the species jump itself from animals to humans. Visit BGR's homepage for more stories.
As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has spread, so, too, has misinformation about the deadly virus thrived online -- partly as a function of the knowledge gap, since so little about the virus was known at the outset.

This is the reason, for example, for a spate of attacks on 5G infrastructure in places like the UK, where a conspiracy theory that 5G is somehow linked to the virus has thrived. And in spite of explanations from infectious disease experts that point to a natural origin, almost 30% of Americans who responded to a new Pew poll said they think the virus was manmade and originated in a lab. Breaking that number down even more, almost a fourth of respondents to this Pew Research Center survey conducted from March 10 to 16 said they think the virus was developed intentionally in a lab, while 6% think it was accidentally created in a lab.

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