The World Health Organization listed 70 vaccine candidates for the novel coronavirus, a significant increase from the figure announced three weeks ago

The large number of candidates, as well as the various types of vaccines that researchers are proposing, increase the likelihood of success. Only 3 of the 70 candidates have reached clinical trials at this time -- two in the US and one in China and Hong Kong. Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories.
Many things went wrong when it came to the initial response to the novel coronavirus in several countries. The rest of the world had a head start of a couple of months on China, but failed to adequately prepare for an epidemic. Social distancing measures were instituted too late in some regions, and many governments found themselves scrambling for essential protective equipment, COVID-19 tests, and life-saving ventilators. At the time of this writing, the world had over 1.84 million confirmed cases and nearly 118,000 fatalities as a result.

But the past few months have also brought plenty of good news. COVID-19 research accelerated at an unprecedented rate. Doctors and scientists have sequenced the genome of the virus and tracked its mutations, they studied the way it attacks the human body, and they found ways to fight off infection and help the immune system battle the illness. Researchers are already trialing several drugs that can speed up the recovery of patients as well, and they’re devising several vaccines that can help eradicate the disease in the coming years.

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