Tesla Superchargers in Sault Ste Marie and North Bay Now Open [u]

Tesla supercharger water tower inn

Tesla Supercharger in Sault Ste. Marie by Art Vitale, Oct. 2019

Tesla has opened another Supercharger along the Trans-Canada Highway, this time in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

The new Tesla Supercharger with six stalls is located at The Water Tower Inn, at360 Great Northern Road, in Sault Ste. Marie, beside the citys iconic landmark, which stored emergency water from 1967 to 1991.

Construction of the site neared completion in October (as seen in the image above), but the Tesla Supercharger was not open for charging. But as of this Wednesday evening, the Supercharger is up and running, according to TMC forum member MacLeodMX, who posted the following picture showing it was indeed in operation:

Tesla supercharger sault ste marie

Up and running! Limited power 50kW for now, wrote MacLeodMX.

Earlier this summer, Tesla told SooToday.com a new Supercharger was opening in the city, but would not confirm the site location or timing, ahead of the charger going live.

Tesla sault ste marie supercharger

Theres a Sault Ste. Marie opening targeted for this year. The closest Canadian Supercharger station right now is in Sudbury, said Tesla spokesperson Robert Pierce, to the publication at the time.

According to Teslas website, the Sault Ste Marie Supercharger is still listed as coming soon, but that should change shortly. Other Superchargers flanking Sault Ste Marie expected to open in 2019 include Batchawana Bay to the north and Blind River to the east, also expected to open this year.

Update: Also opened today was a six charger location in North Bay, which is apparently the first V3 Tesla Supercharger in Canada, located east of the Tesla Supercharger in Sudbury (Thanks Anthony).