submitted by PaulThursday Boot Company President Lace-up Boot,...

submitted by Paul Thursday Boot Company President Lace-up Boot, Natural Apple iPhone 6 Fossil Wallet Zippo Brushed Brass 1941 Replica Kingston DTSE9G2 Leatherman Style CS Portable charger Custom Oversize Bandana Handmade Leather Pocket Organizer Smith and Wesson 2nd Generation Tactical Pen Grohmann #340S Mini Russell Lockblade IWW Union Card Cambridge Pocket Notebook
Heading out to enjoy the hot weather during the civic holiday, and thought I’d empty my pockets before I leave the house. Summer in Ontario is so hot and humid that I almost never wear a jacket, which dramatically limits the number of pockets for EDC stuff. My summer EDC tends to shrink accordingly.
#EDC #EverydayCarry
340S EDC EverydayCarry