Science can't decide how effective surgical masks and homemade alternatives are at preventing the spread of coronavirus

The CDC suggests making your own masks at home, but researchers can't say if they'll do any good. Masks are more effective when worn by sick people than healthy people, the data suggests. Visit BGR's homepage for more stories.
It's now been months since the coronavirus outbreak reached the point of a pandemic, and we somehow still don't have a clear answer on how effective face masks are at preventing its spread. As LiveScience reports, a new batch of studies into the efficacy of various types of masks does little to settle the debate.

It was just days after the novel coronavirus hit the shores of the United States that health experts were falling all over themselves to make declarations about the use of protective face masks. Initially, experts asked that everyday people avoid buying masks meant for use by doctors and healthcare professionals since those are the people who need them the most.

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