Review: CYRILL Cecile iPhone cases let you add a fun look for le


Deck out your iPhone with a trendy case, but don't break the bank.

CYRILL, in association with Spigen, makes some of the best iPhone cases out there with colorful, fun, and trendy designs. My favorite CYRILL case is the Cecile series, which includes a number of eye-catching floral patterns. The hard PC back and flexible TPU bumper make for a protective case that isn't terribly bulky. It fits beautifully and is easy to put on and take off. Wireless charging works fine, and it is compatible with Apple's MagSafe charger.

CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case review:

The good
The bad
The competition
Should you buy?
CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case

Bottom line: CYRILL offers price, good looks, and protection in a slim profile case.

The Good

Protective PC and TPU case
Appealing looks
Slim profile
Wireless charging and MagSafe compatible

The Bad

Won't appeal to everyone's taste
Not a "luxury" case

For iPhone 12 mini: From $16 at Amazon
For iPhone 12 or 12 Pro: From $16 at Amazon
For iPhone 12 Pro Max: From $16 at Amazon


CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case review: What I like

Not only are these cases super cute, but they're also protective. The back of the case is a hard PC (polycarbonate) plastic, while the bumper is a firm but flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). These materials maximize protection without bulkiness, so the case maintains a pretty slim profile. The iPhone mini's diminutive size actually makes many cases surprisingly hard to remove, which is a pet peeve of mine. But this case is easy to put on and take off. The edges are not slippery, so I feel I have a firm grip on my iPhone.

Wireless charging works just fine. This includes Apple's MagSafe charger, though you don't get quite the satisfying click that you do with a naked iPhone 12 or a MagSafe-specific case.

The corners of the case where the phone could use extra protection have Air Cushion Technology, which is literally a tiny air pillow that you can see. The lip of the phone extends over the screen slightly for face-down protection, and over the camera module as well. There are cutouts for the mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port. Flush and functional button covers protect the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. The iPhone is fully functional within this case.

I like that the case is mostly clear. Though I went with the rather boring white iPhone, I like being able to see my phone through its case. I've used this case quite a bit, and I haven't noticed any discoloration and scratches on the case itself. My phone is still pristine, of course, but I have not performed drop tests.

Not super luxurious

CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case review: What I don't like

There is quite a bit of branding on the case, which isn't my favorite thing, but none of it is particularly noticeable. In fact, I didn't notice any of it until I started writing this review though I've been using the case for months. The CYRILL "C" logo graces the back of the case in gold. One side of the case has the C logo again and says CYRILL x Spigen. The opposite side says, "Spigen Inc in Irvine California Made in South Korea 15.4'0 UH #7" and one corner says, "Air Cushion Technology" with an arrow pointing to the little air cushion. None of that really bothers me, but it's something to note.

The bottom line is that this is a plastic case, which is not everyone's cup of tea. And it definitely has a feminine look, which I love, but this won't appeal to everyone.

The competition

If you don't mind paying more, OtterBox is an iMore favorite with a number of fantastic cases. I have a handful in my regular rotation. Have I mentioned that I'm one of those weirdos that changes their iPhone case almost daily to match their outfit? The OtterBox Figura Case pictured here is slim, colorful, artsy-looking, and made for MagSafe charging.

Another favorite case is the Otter + Pop Symmetry Case; it's like OtterBox and PopSockets had a baby. If you want a PopGrip on the back of your iPhone for a secure grip when taking selfies and propping up your iPhone for watching videos, this is the way to go. It's more of a heavy-duty case.

CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case review: Should you buy

You should buy this if ...

You want slim protection

A hard PC plastic back and flexible TPU bumper combine to form a protective case that doesn't bulk up your iPhone.

You're on a budget

The price point is so reasonable, you can even pick up a couple of these cases to go with different outfits.

You like flower and other feminine styles

I love a colorful floral design, and if you do too, you'll definitely want to check these out.

You like the color of your phone to show

Most of the CYRILL Cecile case styles are mostly clear with flowers, so the color of your iPhone shows through.

You should not buy this if ...

You want an upscale case

This case is functional and cute, but it's not what I'd call a luxury case.

You hate branding

If you want a branding-free case, look elsewhere.

You prefer a masculine style

While most iPhone cases tend to be masculine or plain, this one definitely has a feminine look to it.

This is a great case for someone who likes a feminine style and a clear case so the iPhone shines through. It's also nice for someone who wants a slim but protective case but doesn't want to spend a ton. It's not for someone who wants a more upscale case or prefers a more masculine look.

out of 5

This case strikes a balance between protection and bulk. The clear PC and TPU case lets your iPhone's color show through beautifully, and pretty flowers add a fun, decorative touch. Wireless charging and MagSafe charging work just fine. It's well-priced, so if you like to have several cases and change up your look regularly, this is a good pick.

CYRILL Cecile iPhone Case

Bottom line: Pretty flowers and other designs add a fun touch to this slim but protective case.

For iPhone 12 mini: From $16 at Amazon
For iPhone 12 or 12 Pro: From $16 at Amazon
For iPhone 12 Pro Max: From $16 at Amazon