Pitaka MagEZ Juice is a Qi-Enabled External Battery and Much More

Pitaka makes some of the best smartphone cases available; I use their MagEZ Case daily (read our review) as well as the Pitaka MagEZ Mount QI car charger (read our review), and both are fantastic. Now Im using the Pitaka MagEZ Juice 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Power Bank Dock. Its a wireless desk charger and Qi-enabled portable external battery in one.

Pitaka describes the MagEZ Juice as, the revolutionary power bank that you dont need to charge. A transit-free magnetic power bank and wireless charging stand. The MagEZ is that and much more. In the box, you get a Qi-enabled battery, a cradle, a power adapter, a metal plate with adhesive backing and templates for Apple and Samsung devices. Because this is a two-in-one device, it only makes sense to discuss each of the two personalities individually.

First up is the Pitaka MagEZ Juice as a Wireless charging stand

To set up the MagEZ as a desk charging stand, you first need to plug the cable into a wall adapter into the base and then slide the battery pack into the stand. It takes a bit of experience to get used to the proper alignment but, after a few times, it becomes second nature.

The stand sits at a 45-degree angle. This makes it easy to align the phone with the charger. The magnet auto-align features dont hurt either but more on that shortly. The 45-degree angle also makes it easy to see what is on your phone when you are working at your desk. It is the ideal angle for viewing and makes this much more than a mere desk charger. It certainly beats those chargers that require the phone to lie flat while using them.

As Pitaka explains:

A delicately designed wireless charging stand, rearing at 45 degrees, provides you the best point of view to monitor the screen of your phone. Never again miss out on important messages while you charge. And with the magnetic design, you can be assured that the phone will not slip.

While the battery portion of the MagEZ is connected to the cradle it is not only able to charge your Qi-enabled phone but it also recharges the battery. This pass-through technology ensures that any phone placed on the cradle is the first to receive a charge but, once the phone is at capacity, the battery receives any charge it needs in order to be topped off. The battery itself is rather small. Its 2000mAh battery capacity is far less than most of the external batteries I have used but it does mean you can get an extra 30% of power for your device when you are on the go.

That leads us to the second of the two personalities.

The Pitaka MagEZ Juice as an external battery bank

As noted above, while the external battery bank is connected to the cradle it is constantly recharging. When you are heading out for the day you can simply slip the battery out of the cradle and take it with you.

The battery is made from the same aramid fiber used in the case and aerospace-grade zinc. The battery is made from a single piece of metal and lined with a single piece of the aramid fiber. The result is a clean, classy look that is, a masterpiece providing reliable charging, with excellent resistance to corrosion and heat.

The curved shape is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also practical, creating a comfortable, curved shape that feels great in the hand. Were it made entirely from metal, the battery might be a bit too slippery. Thankfully, Pitaka used some of the Aramid fiber on the surface. This isnt merely for aesthetics but, instead, provides a surface that offers a bit of grip with not being overly rough.

Perhaps the best feature of the battery, and the one that makes up for the small capacity of the battery, is its auto-align feature. The battery has magnets that grab on to any case that has metal plates built-in, Pitakas MagEZ case is one such example, but it also grabs on the included metal plate that lets you add this feature to almost any case you chose. The magnets serve another purpose as well, however. They are embedded in a pattern that forced the phone into the correct orientation and alignment for charging.

Having put my phone on Qi-enabled chargers only to find that they were not properly aligned with the case and received zero additional charges, I love this feature. I also love the fact that the battery uses USB-C if you need to charge on the go.

Having a battery pack that is Qi-enabled is fantastic since it means you dont need to have a cable along with you when you are out and about and might need to top off your phone. Ive checked out other Qi-enabled external batteries but this one is far superior thanks to the auto-align feature. Other Qi-enabled batteries require you to keep the phone positioned just so in order for it to charge. With the MagEZ Juices magnets and auto-align feature the battery, once placed on the phone, stays in the proper position for charging.


  • Charging Simultaneously: Thanks to pass-thru charging technology, MagEZ Juice prioritizes charging your phone, while also juicing up the power bank battery. Theres no need to charge your power bank again! The power bank is always ready for your next on-the-go since it is always being charged when using it as a charging stand.
  • Universal Compatibility: The MagEZ Juice wireless stand is for all your Qi-enabled devices. Just attach any Qi-enabled phone with the MagEZ Case and charge begins.
  • Using As A Survival Wireless Power Bank: With 2000mAh capacity, the MagEZ Juice 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Power Bank Dock provides an extra 30% power to your device. Not too much but its enough to save you out of emergency. It is an ideal power bank for your daily usage.
  • Attach And Charge Your Phone Wirelessly: MagEZ Juice is compatible with MagEZ Case. The embedded magnets-matrix allows it easy to attach and auto-align with the phone and charging wirelessly. No messy cables, no slip-away power banks. Just attach and charge. Its never been this easy.
  • Comfortable Grip With Ergonomic Design: We care for how you carry. With ergonomic design and grippy surface, you can hold the MagEZ Juice in your hand easily and comfortably, and be ready for the journey in a second.
  • Built With Military-Grade Aramid Fiber And Aerospace-Grade Zinc Alloy: Lined with a piece of dedicated aramid fiber and cut from a one-piece aerospace-grade aluminum, the MagEZ Juice is a masterpiece providing reliable charging, with excellent resistance to corrosion and heat.

The MagEZ Juice is a fantastic device. As a Qi-enabled desk charger, it holds your phone at the proper position for both charging and viewing. If this were just a desk charger I would be worth considering. Its the ability to also function like a smart, wireless external battery that adds another level of functionality to the device that makes it a standout. I know of no other available desk charger/external battery combination and the combination is a logical one.

Pitaka explains:

As a combination of a power bank and a wireless charging stand, you can charge the phone wherever you are, at home, in the office or on-the-go. Attach your phone to the MagEZ Juice and use it as a portable power bank, or install the wireless charging dock on the desktop with removable gel pad, slide in the power bank, thus turn it into a wireless charging stand.

The EZMag Juice is compatible with a range of phones including Apples iPhone 8, X and 11 models as well as Samsungs S7 Edge, S8, Note8, Note9 and the Samsung Note10 and most other Qi-compatible devices. And even if you arent using a case with embedded steel plates, theres no problem; the company includes a metal plate with adhesive on one side in the box. Using the included alignment templates you can attach the plate to any phone and get the same great functionality as you would get with the Pitaka EZMag case.

Beyond its seamless functionality, the EZMag Juice also looks great. While some wireless desk chargers are made from plastic (and look like it), the combination of materials used by Pitaka in its construction (as well as the fit and finish we have come to expect from the company) make this a great-looking, functional device that you or a loved one will appreciate.

You can even choose between Gunmetal or Silver accents for $89.99. Check it, and Pitakas other great offerings, here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Desk charger hands phone securely at a 45-degree angle; Charges most every Qi-enabled device; Includes metal plates to turn any case into a compatible one; Battery is removable; Magnets not only connect to phones with steel plates but auto aligns for a secure grip and efficient charging; Charges phone before battery when both are depleted; Made from high-end materials and have fit and finish that scream quality

What Needs Improvement: External battery is just 2000mAh battery