Oneadaptr Evri Accessories Pouch: The Perfect Place to Stow Your Cables, Chargers, and More

Where do you stow all of your electronic accessories when you travel? If you’ve been guilty of tossing your charging cables, USB dongles, USB hubs, and other “stuff” into the bottom of your backpack or a pocket in your suitcase (as I have), then you’ll appreciate the organization and protection the Oneadaptr Evri Accessories Pouch will give your gear.

Measuring approximately 9.5″ long by 6″ wide by 2.25″ thick, the Evri Accessories Pouch is composed of water-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon with water-resistant zippers; all of the zippers have easy to grab nylon cords capped with a plastic pull.

There is a single zippered pocket on top of the bag that measures approximately 9.5″ long by 4.5″ wide. The bag appears to be very well made with quality materials; I expect it to hold up and last for years.

The inside of the pocket is lined with soft fabric; it’s not a large space, but it is wide enough to hold a phone or a medium-sized battery pack — assuming you haven’t already stuffed too much inside the main compartment. If you tend to overpack the middle, then this would be a good place to keep spare memory cards and USB drives.

The bottom of the bag is plain.

On the left side, there is a built-in handle.

Inside, there are four “pages” made up of two to three mesh pockets; there are nine open mesh pockets total.

The outer “page” pockets are lined in a soft cloth, the center “page” pockets are lined in nylon.

You can stuff quite a bit into each of the open mesh pockets; elastic at the top helps hold the pocket closed.

There’s plenty of room for extra cables, dongles, charging bricks — all of the things you might need when traveling.

You can 0pt to remove the center pocket “page” if you need more room for bulkier peripherals.

I travel a lot, and I am embarrassed to admit that until I got the Evri Accessories Pouch, I kept my Oneadaptr Charging Station with three or four cables wrapped around it and a bunch of other travel peripherals tossed loosely in my rolling trunk’s pocket. This was obviously not an ideal solution. When I was traveling with just a carry-on, I had to go fish these items out of my larger suitcase and repack them — hoping I hadn’t forgotten anything. When I was packing up, there was always a chance I would miss something. Now all of my travel gear fits perfectly inside the Evri Accessories Pouch, and I have a much more organized and portable travel solution.

The Oneadaptr Evri Accessories Pouch retails for $34.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Pockets for neat organization of all of your hubs, dongles, power blocks, and cables; Removeable center section if you have bulkier items to pack; Soft fabric lining inside outer pocket and on the main inside section of the Travel Pouch; Zipper pulls are easy to grab; Water-resistant fabric and zippers; Perfect place to keep all of your travel gear for easy packing; Very well made and should last for many years

What Needs Improvement: Nothing
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