One UK wedding and portrait photographer has found a way to keep his business going during the coronavirus pandemic and still take peoples' photos in spite of widespread quarantines

His solution: FaceTime, which allows him to direct subjects from afar, take a screen capture, and then using his tools to edit the result. Visit BGR's homepage for more stories.
UK-based wedding and portrait photographer Tim Dunk didn't know what he would do at first, when the coronavirus outbreak exploded across Europe and necessitated widespread business closures and quarantine orders. How do you keep taking peoples' photos when you're not, ah, allowed to be anywhere near them?

Instead of panicking, though, he began toying with an idea. Maybe there was a way to keep going after all -- a creative solution that would let him ride out the pandemic until things get back to normal. Turns out, the answer was right in front of him, via his iPhone: FaceTime. "I started to think around ways I could effectively make portraits of my friends, and keep my brain stimulated," Dunk (@tim_dunk, on Instagram) told BGR. "I put a shout out to some friends to see if anyone was up for trying to use the fairly basic imaging capabilities of FaceTime, initially just as a fun experiment, and a way of collaborating with my creative mates around the world."

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