Novel coronavirus complications include severe shortness of breath that might have to be treated with oxygen therapy and a ventilator

Patients who experience mild symptoms will be instructed to stay at home until their condition worsens, but they would require pulse oximeters to measure the blood-oxygen saturation. The Apple Watch Series 6 is rumored to feature a blood-oxygen sensor, which could help save the lives of COVID-19 patients, as well as those with other life-threatening medical conditions. Visit BGR's homepage for more stories.
The novel coronavirus disease is seemingly at or near its peak in many countries. After that, life will return to some degree of normalcy, although we'll have to keep our defenses up at least until a vaccine is widely available. Social distancing measures might ease, but we'll still have to keep washing our hands often, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds. The coronavirus can't be eradicated just yet, and outbreaks are still possible.

Some expect a second big coronavirus wave in the fall, but the next time around, authorities won't be caught by surprise. And by the time the next major COVID-19 epidemic happens or any new illness caused by cousins of these coronaviruses arises, we may have a new weapon at our disposal: The Apple Watch Series 6.

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