Mind-Blowing DIY Ideas for Tech Geek


If your heart beats 10,000 times a second when you hear the word technology, these DIY ideas will blow your mind. The beauty of being a tech nerd is that every single thing the rest of your family thinks is trash looks like a valuable resource you can use for various projects.

In the interest of helping you explore what your brain can achieve, here are a few DIY ideas that will prick your creativity and tingle your obsession with tech.
1. Touchscreen Glove
Besides hot tea and fluffy jackets, with winter comes a pair of gloves. As much as you love your smartphone, it’s annoying that you can’t use it with your ordinary gloves on. The market is flooded with touchscreen gloves, but why buy a pair when you can convert the gloves you have in a few steps?

Perhaps this is one of the easiest projects, especially if you can make a few stitches without straining. You only need your gloves, a needle, and a conductive thread.
2. DIY Solar Oven
A tasty meal warmed by the sun sounds like a match made in heaven, right? You’ve always heard that the sun is too hot to boil an egg. It’s time to test that, and a solar oven is the perfect proof. It’s a project you can execute with readily available household items.

Kids can take part, but under your supervision in case the oven gets too hot.

Now that cooking during is sorted out, here are ways tech can help you survive summer.
3. Steampunk Keyboard
Are you that tech nerd who loves everything that’s steampunked? Well, you wouldn’t want to miss crafting this piece of art. It’s a fun project to work on that will also provide you with hours of fun.

However, if you don’t have the time to create the keys from scratch, why not harvest some keys from an old typewriter? The bronze color paired with another shade of your liking on the keys is impeccable, something you can’t wait to show off to your workmates.
4. Bike Panniers
Thinking of making something that would help put extra coins into your pocket? A bike pannier is a perfect idea to transform your bike into an income-generating tool. That old bucket or milk tray collecting dirt in your yard can be easily repurposed as a pannier.

You can add extra stickers to beautify it and use it for making grocery deliveries in the neighborhood at a small fee. This could also be turned into a compartment to carry your kid while walking around the neighborhood. You just have to make it comfortable enough and child-friendly.
5. DIY Tesla Coil
Nikola Tesla is famously known for creating a coil to supply free wireless electricity, and that inspired a whole generation into reinventing the coil. Although his mission failed, he stirred up a thirst that couldn’t be quenched throughout generations.

It’s important to note that many DIY coil projects have turned out to be great business ideas. Although Tesla coils can damage hearing aids and pacemakers, their potential pros outweigh the cons. Necessary precautions have to be taken to prevent any potential risk of injury.

If you still have more time to work on another project, here are creative ways you can reuse your old hardware.
6. DIY Earthquake Detector
Living in a region prone to earthquakes? This DIY earthquake detector will keep you in the know in case of impending danger. As such, necessary action can be taken to protect yourself, your family, and community at large.

This is an idea you can propose to your community leaders to enhance the safety of your community.
7. Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Here is a project that will stimulate your tech brain.

A hydrogen fuel cell is a great source of clean energy as it is renewable and easily available. It is powerful and produces zero emissions, meaning you’ll play your part in conserving the environment. You’ll need to buy a platinum wire for this project, but reusing one from your trash will be more satisfying.
8. DIY LED Matrix Glasses
Are you a fan of unique glasses? If so, these DIY LED matrix glasses will fill your heart with joy. Stand out at a concert, birthday party, trade show, or any other event with these cool shades.

The LED matrix glasses store patterns and frames using data arrays. For this project, you'll need a soldering iron, wire strippers, hot melt glue gun, a screw driver, tweezers, scissors, PC, a pen, a rectangular file, and side cutters.
9. PVC Pipe Clock
Remember that old clock lying around in the garage for years? The one with the three hands? Yes, that one. It’s time we pass down this sentimental gift to the next generation. So many things can be made such as light bulbs, earphones, and mountain bike handles.

All you need for this pipe clock project are AA batteries, a battery holder, clock, PVC pipe, cardboard, spray paint, knife, and double-sided tape.
10. Solar Charger for Smartphones
Ever been hit by a blackout for days and wondered what next? This solar charger will provide you with a lasting solution for your phone charger needs. Business doesn’t have to stop because your phone battery just died.

With a solar charger, you are sorted for days. The amazing thing about this gadget is that you’ll spend less time making it and it’ll save you from hours of sorrow and anguish. It’s purely dependent on solar energy so it doesn’t cause global warming.
11. DIY Steampunk Flashlight
Have you ever been shaken by the terror of the night? You now don’t have to worry again because your electric torch just ran out of charge. Use this DIY steampunk flashlight to maneuver your way through the dark. The flashlight contains three sections, middle, front, and back, that can either be made of copper or brass.
Think of Waste as a Resource
Hoping the above DIY ideas have inspired you to try something different. Create time and be ready to get your mind engaged. The rewards of being a tech nerd are in the simple things you can recreate from the trash lying around. Your creativity is the only limit to these DIY.