May Favorites.

may favorites

A peek at everything I loved in May 2023! 


Harmless harvest coconut water smoothie. Love love love these!! I’ve been such a big harmless harvest fans for years – it’s the only coconut water I will drink. And these are so delicious, with a little extra oomph. We love them.

Brightland Pizza Oil. This is DIVINE. It’s spicy and herby and everything you want in a drizzle. We love it for bread dipping but it is so excellent on homemade pizza. Must try! I bought four bottles and have already gifted two.

Biscoff ice cream bars. Okay, let it be said that I am not a huge ice cream person. It’s not my drug of choice. HOWEVER… these are completely delicious and incredible and wonderful. Think of the magnum bars, but lots of crunchy layers of biscoff. It is so texture and so full of biscoff flavor. I get mine at Target.


Hair tie hub keychain. If you know… you know. Always need a very accessible place for my hair ties. This only holds a few but it’s great in a pinch.

iHome multi USB charger. This is the sleekest one I have found and lives in our kitchen – pretty much fully in use every day. I love it.

All Clad Grill Pan. My favorite!! I use this almost every single day. I’ve had mine for two years and I just bought another one because I need both for grilling at the same time. It’s the best grill pan I’ve ever had and so easy to clean.


MD Solar Sciences SPF lip. I have the pink dream color. It is the prettiest shade! Like a your lips but better color.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50. This is my find of the summer. This does not feel or smell like sunscreen at all. It is very luxurious, plain and just smells like nothing – a nice cream, if anything. I use this as my (non-tinted) SPF under makeup. It’s fabulous. I will never be without this. Also I still love the new tinted kosas one I mentioned last week! I use that if I’m doing no/very light makeup.

Sol de Janiero perfume mists. I can’t get over how much I love these – ALL OF THEM!! I am so picky with scents and all three of these are incredible, so beachy, light and have lived in my bag the last few months. If I had to choose in order of love, I’d pick When In Rio first, then Bikini Season, then Do Not Disturb. All delish.

Back self tanner towel. I didn’t discover this until this year which is crazy since I’ve used self tanner for ages now. But this is the best way I have found to get it even on my own back! I used to make Eddie wear the glove and do my back.


Zip up rash guard. I’m fully in my no-sun-for-me era and I am obsessed with this rash guard that zips up over any swimsuit. I cannot commit to the full suit rash guard because I think I’d just get so hot. But I can put this over anything (and I will!!) and have my chest and arms covered completely.

Smocked maxi dress. This is such a fun, easy comfortable dress. I clicked a link on IG, bought it and ended up wearing it to Max’s first communion and really liking it. It’s just so easy!

Jersey nap dress. I am such a huge nap dress fan. They came at the perfect time in my life (little kids, nursing, etc) and I still love mine. So I bought the new jersey version from their summer drop and it is SO GOOD. It’s like a stretchy modal-like (but thick enough) material that is incredible. I got the one shoulder version. I love a few of the others too, but many have the back cut out and I just don’t want to deal with the bra situation.

Cropped hoodie. Okay now, while I’m wishing we could stop making cropped things (forever), this hoodie is an exact dupe for the lululemon one and soft comfortable, soft and vibrant. I love it.


Meet Me At The Lake. My fave of the month! I loved Carley Fortune’s newest, it was so good.

Shonda Rhimes on Armchair Expert & Jane Fonda on Armchair Expert. Both of these episodes were incredible!

The Album by The Jonas Brothers. My new favorite everything. Summer music at it’s finest. Just blasting it 24/7 and the kids love it too.


Solar buddies sunscreen applicator. I mentioned these in my summer + kids post and I can’t stress how good this is – Emilia does her own sunscreen (successfully, and I check) and she can even do it on Jordan with this. I even keep one for me! We love them.

Reusable water balloons. We had these last year and the kids were obsessed. They are so entertaining – set out a bucket, the kids can fill them up themselves and play. So fun and easy.

5000 awesome facts about everything. This is the book Max got for Christmas but he has read it every single day since. He LOVES this. It has got him into trivia and jeopardy and fun facts and it’s really cute. Such a big win!

Hair tie cutter. Poor Emilia has gone five years without this and I don’t know how we did it – these are amazing for cutting the tiny rubber bands out of ponytails and braids without cutting the hair. Or without ripping the bands out and ripping your hair out!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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