It’s officially the first school vacation! In France, the school schedule is basically 7 weeks on, 2 weeks off

And our two weeks off started today!

When we lived here before, we would use these school breaks to travel around Europe — lots of road trips and cheap flights — and we hope to do the same thing this time around. It’s interesting, because we went all over the place but the younger three really don’t remember any of the traveling. So we could visit the same places — Switzerland, Amsterdam, London, Ireland, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Norway, Belgium — and it would be as if it were their very first visit. I’m really, really, really happy that Oscar, Betty, and June will get this chance to travel now that they’re old enough to really enjoy it.

For our first school break, we were exploring options and possible places to visit, and I started looking at bargain European flights (with companies like EasyJet and RyanAir). On one of the sites, you could put in flexible travel dates, and then pick a budget (say, 50 euros per ticket), and it would show you a list of everywhere you could fly for that price during those dates.

Oh my goodness! It was so fun to see what the options were. It’s definitely off-season as far as European travel goes, so there were tons of cities on the list.

And we ended up picking Prague!

It’s a city none of our kids have ever visited, and I think they’re going to love it. Ben Blair and I went way back when I was pregnant with Ralph in 1997, but haven’t been back since. We have such happy memories from that trip and can’t wait to see what Prague is like all these years later.

We fly to Prague on Thursday from Paris — and we’re going to head to Paris tomorrow (Tuesday) so that we can enjoy the city before we fly out. We’ve been in France for a month and a half and haven’t spent any time in Paris yet (and it’s just 2 hours away!), so we’re excited to be in the city. It’s one of our favorite places — we’ve spent some pretty fabulous days there.

We made a long list of things to do in Paris, but none of us have a list for Prague yet. We need ideas. Have you ever been to Prague? Have any recommendations? We’re all ears!

P.S. — We also used to use these school breaks to film Olive Us videos. When we moved to Oakland, and no longer had those breaks, we couldn’t keep up the video schedule. Makes me sad to think of it!

P.P.S. — The rental house is still a mess! Moving in takes so much time and energy. We haven’t even pretended to tackle the office yet. And there are a dozen details in every room that need to be attended to — like installing the vacuum charger, and the wall magnet for the knives, and the bedside wall lamps… But I’m trying to put on blinders so I can head out and enjoy this trip with my family. : )

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