If you are like a lot of people, then Karaoke is a solid go to for an evening of fun with your friends

If you are like me, while you also love to have beverages with friends and belt out your favourite tunes, you are not a very good singer. It’s a shame when lack of talent gets in the way of good fun. For many, the thought of going out to a pub or bar in order to croon your hits is a non-starter, and as such they miss out on all the fun. Well, fret no more because you can have it all with your friends and karaoke by getting a karaoke machine of your very own for your home.

Why would anyone want a karaoke machine at home? Well, among other things, it can be ridiculously fun and unlike a pub or karaoke bar, it is also a safe space to be as good or as bad as you want to be. No worries about strangers giving you side eye or tables of rock star wannabes laughing at your attempt at Bonnie Tyler. So grab a machine, take it home, and forever’s gonna start tonight!
Different Types
First things first as there are a few different choices out there you need to consider. The closest you can come to the local watering hole is with an “All in One” machine. Simply put, this means that it will play your Karaoke CD/DVD, you can read the lyrics, and you can hear the music. So it has a CD or DVD player, a monitor, and speakers all built in. These can be fairly pricey, especially when factoring in the CDs or DVDs. Yet even with all of this in one unit, they are generally portable, so you can take it to a friend’s house when they want to host the next party (but make them get their own!). With this option, you will likely need Karaoke specific CDs or DVDs.

Next is the karaoke machine that needs to connect to an external monitor, usually just your TV. This is how you will be able to read the lyrics. You can also connect it to your home stereo system, should you have one, although you can also get these with built-in speakers. There are also variations based on these general configurations that utilize apps or streaming services, so let’s look closer at some specific models.
LG OK75 is a versatile Karaoke powerhouse
If you really want to go all out and get as amazing of a karaoke experience as possible, the LG OK75 1000W Bluetooth Party System with Karaoke and DJ Effects may be exactly what you are looking for. More than just a karaoke system, it is a Bluetooth speaker and a DJ station as well. While fairly large overall, it does have wheels and handles so you can move it around. It has a 12” woofer (so the bass pumps), and it has 1000 watts of power. You can connect a microphone (or two) into the microphone jack(s) and play any song from a connected mobile device (through the aux connection or Bluetooth), suppress the original vocals, adjust the key so it’s better suited to your range, add a vocal filter effect to your voice, and sing along with the song.

The down side as I see it here is that there are no lyrics to read and sing along with, so if you need them, you may have to download and read along on your phone or use a karaoke app on your mobile device. You also have to purchase microphones as none are included. The upside is that this is a beast, the sound is incredible, and you can do more than just karaoke with it.
ION Karaoke Star with effects to brighten any party
The ION Karaoke Star is also a Bluetooth system that has built in auto-tune to make even the least gifted vocalist at your party sound like a pop star. There are 59 effects on board including party favourites like Evil Robot and Munchkin. The unit is equipped with an 8” speaker and a 50 watt amplifier, and comes with a microphone. You can stream over Bluetooth or through the included aux cable. The front panel is LED lights that react to the tempo of the music and add a great atmosphere to any karaoke party. The top has a tablet stand and a USB charger so you can connect a tablet or iPad to view song lyrics if needed. There are 2 mic inputs, so I think a duet of Paradise by the Dashboard Light may be in order.
Singsation Mainstage All-in-One Party System
The “All-in-One” is a bit of a misnomer here as there is not a monitor for viewing lyrics. The Singsation pairs with your smartphone or tablet, and using one of several karaoke apps, lets you and your friends have a worry free time. The Mainstage comes with the Party System base, a mic stand, and 2 microphones. With 2 microphones, you can duet or dual depending on the mood at the time. The machine has 60 built-in vocal effects, 25 different light modes, and 10 sound effects. The Singsation has a 40 watt amplifier with 4 stereo drivers and 2 passive bass radiators, so power and volume will not be a problem. Wireless remote control, saving 3 vocal presets, and FX foot pedals make this unit a whole ton of fun.
Vtech Kidi Super Star Karaoke Machine
Here’s one for the young ones. The Vtech Kidi is the perfect little karaoke machine for the budding pop star in your home. Poised at the microphone stand, how can they not dream of their chance at stardom on The Voice ®. Intended for ages 5-9, the lights, disco ball, and audience sound effects will be a hit at the next sleepover. Sing along to the 8 original songs included in the system, or connect an mp3 player, turn on magic mode to turn down the song’s vocal track, and rock it out! This even lets them record up to 5 minutes of their singing and has 6 built-in games to keep any party going until well past bedtime.
HDKaraoke Box 2.0 is karaoke simplicity
This unit is the smallest of them all; In fact, it looks like a video streaming box more than a karaoke system. But in the palm of your hand is a powerful system that connects to the Internet, and then to your mobile phone or tablet, and then to your 1080p TV to display the streaming karaoke titles in stunning HD. You can use your Android or iOS devices as controllers to pause, play, rewind, etc., as well as to search for content. This model includes a microphone. You can have access to over 5000 English language music videos with a monthly subscription, or you can simply pay each time you want to download a song to use.

So get your inner diva or rock god flowing in your own home surrounded by friends. Be sure to stop by your local Best Buy and see which karaoke unit will make your parties the talk of the town!

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