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For the trades and the job site, Hilti is one of the best power tool brands around.  Not just because they make some of the best-performing tools or have some of the best battery technology; it’s the people behind the name and the service.  Hilti is not just a company that is looking to sell you a tool, they are there to provide a solution to your needs.  And now, speaking of well-performing tools, today we are going to look at the Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw, part of the Hilti Nuron line of tools.

Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw Overview

A band saw might not be as commonly used as a drill but for certain trades, a band saw is a necessity.  This saw will not only make your life easier, but it will allow you to be quicker and more efficient.  However, on a job site, you need more than just any band saw.  You need a powerful band saw, that has long run times, is safe, and easy to work with.  So let’s jump into the Hilti SB 4-22 band saw and see if this is the tool to own.

Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw Features


The Hilti compact band saw is designed for a wide range of cutting applications such as metal struts, pipe, and thread rods.

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The saw is powered by the Hilti 22V Nuron battery.  If you’re not familiar with Nuron,  I recommend learning about this battery platform since it boasts numerous features that make it one of the best-rated options.

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Hilti is designed for the job site so they designed band saw with a metal housing for durability.

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The saw features an LED light to provide a well-lit sight line.  This saw offers a 2.5″ cutting capacity which is great for a compact band saw.


The saw is designed with a rubber molded grip. The handle isn’t too thick like some tools we have used over the years. This is one feature I particularly liked.



The safety switch is located on the top of the handle.  A user can easily push it up and hold it, engage the trigger, and start the saw.  This is one of the easiest safety triggers we have used.


On the side of the saw, there is a rafter or side hook so you can hang the tool up in between cuts.  No more bending down and trying to grab the saw. And if you don’t like or want the hook, you can remove it.

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There is also a removable side handle in case you want more control.

Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw Performance


While having power and run-time are nice, sometimes we overlook the line of sight and the ease of use.  Yes, most band saws are easy to use but with some of the safety features on them nowadays, well, it can make them cumbersome to use.  As I mentioned before, the Hilti safety switch setup on top works great. And in addition, this Hilti band saw gives you an unobstructed line of sight.  So if you are using it overhead, on the side, or standing over your work, the line of sight is always clear.

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A band saw is designed for a lot of different applications, but we really wanted to see how it does with EMT pipe since that is one of its main tasks, well besides struts and threaded rods.

As you would expect, it went through the pipe easily but what we noticed the most was how quickly and quietly it ripped through the pipe.  Sometimes you use these saws and they can be very loud, but not with this one.

Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw Value

The Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw is priced at $279 as a bare tool.  If you need two batteries and a charger, this setup will cost you about $522.  So is this a good value or overpriced?

Personally, I think this is a great value.  You get a powerful, easy-to-use, and long-running tool.  And this is Hilti, so you know it’s made to last and even if it doesn’t, Hilti backs up their products and will make sure you don’t have any downtown.  So with the power, the run time, and the backing of Hilti, it doesn’t matter if you go with the bare tool or the kit, I think it’s a great value.

Hilti SB 4-22 Band Saw Wrap Up

The bottom line, this Hilti is a great band saw to own.  Actually, the whole Nuron line we have tested so far has stood up to the high bar set by Hilti.  These new Nuron tools are powerful, offer long run times, and are great tools.  So the band saw fits in nicely with the Hilti name and the Hilti reputation of performance and quality.

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