High-tech cities, delicious cuisines, and friendly locals… what is not to love about China? A vacation in China could be the next best thing you do.

However, you’ll be traveling for more than a 15-hour flight and moving into an air-polluted environment, so you must brace yourself for a cultural shock.

As such, some of the items you never packed for a vacation before might now be essential on your vacation in China. Let’s read on and find out more.

We will skip things like suitcases and luggage (because I bet you already have those) and get to the kind of clothing or accessories to wear in China. Dressing in China is a bit different compared to other countries. Some colors are offensive and controversial; that’s why it’s best you stick to neutral colors. However, do not wear all white (this is typically worn at funerals), and be sure to avoid yellow and neon colors, too.

Remember to carry comfortable shoes, since you will be doing lots of walking and touring. Carry sun protection like a wide-brimmed hat in case the sun is too harsh. And if you plan to travel in the summer, do not forget your sunglasses, because the sun can damage your retinae.
Unknown to most travelers, you will need some niche gadgets and apps to get online in China since it is an Internet-restricted country. When it comes to safety products, you might need over-the-counter medicines to deal with high air pollution levels, especially in urban areas. However, before you self-treat, talk to your doctor and ask for their specific recommendations.

Be sure to download a VPN. This is one of the most important things you will have to do before you make your way to China, as it will allow you to access Internet sites that are blocked in China. There are cheap options that even go for $7, such as ExpressVPN. Note, however, that VPN is still a gray area in China but can still be used by tourists.

In most rural areas, you will not find WI-FI; as such, buying a portable hotspot before you leave is recommended. Also, remember to purchase a portable charger.
For your banking needs, if you are an American Express cardholder, be sure to get a preloaded debit card. American Express cards are generally accepted in China, but if you use an eCard, it will be easy for you to get an alternative.

Also, remember that Google is blocked in China, so using Google Maps and Google’s browser will be out of the cards for you. You can, however, download offline alternatives like Osmand Maps.
Health and Wellness Products
Because of China’s air pollution, you will need some kind of face mask. The last thing you want is your vacation being cut short because you have suffered from bronchitis. Get a mask that is at least N85 to filter out 95% of pm 2.5 particles. You will also need some air purifiers to avoid any sickness.

And, if you ever forget anything, it should never be your insurance card. Get a hard-copy of your insurance in case you have to visit a clinic or see a doctor. Anything can happen while you are on vacation, so equip yourself with insurance.
Weather Protection
If you are visiting during the rainy season (of course, this will also depend on the state you are visiting), be sure to carry with you an umbrella, as most hotels don’t provide them. A rainy day of exploring can actually still be fun if you aren’t drenched the whole time.
A vacation in China might just be the trip you need to take. Asia is full of wonderful surprises, and in order to find your way safely and happily through China, you will want to be prepared for every unexpected scenario. Enjoy your trip to China!

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