Hey Nintendo Switch owners, check out these sweet Prime Day accessory deals

The Nintendo Switch is the console I've been waiting for. It's super versatile, can go anywhere, and has a ton of awesome games. If you're like me you're probably hoping for some sweet Nintendo Switch deals on Prime Day. There are plenty of items on sale, but I've waded through them to pick out the very best of the best. These sales end at the end of the day, so be sure to check them out before prices go back up.
Staff Pick
This is the perfect controller to use when playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or any other Switch game, really. It works wirelessly using two AA batteries for up to 30 hours of gameplay. The buttons and right joystick have been enlarged from the original GameCube controller to make it easier to use.
$27 (was $37) at Amazon
Give your Pro Controller a new look by replacing the shell with one of these different colored faceplates. You'll need to swap them out yourself. There are 10 different designs, but prices will vary from one option to the next.
$20 (was $25) at Amazon
This is a great option as far as Nintendo Switch cases go. Your console will be protected by a hard shell that zippers shut. The flap on the interior can hold up to eight games, and there's a zippered storage pocket where you can store cables, Joy-Cons, or other accessories.
$8 (was $12) at Amazon
Give your Switch a unique look but replacing the back plate with a far more colorful one. These new stands include a kickstand so you'll still be able to prop your Switch up hands-free. It comes in a variety of colors, but the price may vary depending on which option you choose.
$17 (was $21) at Amazon
Not only does this provide up to 10 extra hours of battery life, but the casing gives you better handholds to grasp the Switch during gaming sessions. There's a battery life indicator on the side with four LEDs to show you at a glance how much power you have remaining.
$32 (was $40) at Amazon
Charge up to four Joy-Cons at a time with this charging station. There's a battery indicator to let you know when the controllers have reached a full charge. What's more, this device is compact and won't take up a lot of space on your end table or media center. Get it at this low price while you can!
$15 (was $30) at Amazon
If you're the kind of Switch gamer who frequently takes your console on the go, you'll appreciate having this compact stand. Prop it up and place your gaming system on it for a better tabletop multiplayer experience. It even comes with a carrying case to make travelling easier.
$10 (was $15) at Amazon Switch it up!
There are hundreds of items on sale during Prime Day and among them are a handful of decent Switch deals. After searching around, I've gathered the best deals into one list to make the shopping experience easier for you. When shopping gaming accessories, you'll want to consider price, the brand that makes the product, and any extra convenience an accessory can give you.

I personally love the PowerA Wireless GameCube Style Controller. It looks and feels similar to the original GameCube controllers but has larger buttons and a large c Joystick to make it easier to use. It works wirelessly using two AA batteries and can run for up to 10 hours before needing replacements. This deal won't last long. Get it while you can!