Garmin Dashcam Tandem: Safety on the Inside and Outside of Your Car

Garmen Tandem CES 2020

Garmin has just debuted its latest dashcam at CES 2020: the Garmin Tandem. This innovative dashcam features two lenses: one that faces towards the windshield, and another that faces towards the passengers inside the car. Youll have full 360-degree coverage as soon as the Tandem turns on.

The footage on the lens facing towards traffic has a crisp resolution of 1440p, while the interior-facing footage has a lesser (but still decent) resolution of 720p. You can always count on seeing the interior recording, no matter what time of day. The Tandem comes with night vision that makes it easy to keep an eye on your passengers.

Besides these ultra-convenient features, the Tandem also supports voice commands. When you want to save a specific recording to the included microSD card, you can simply tell the device to save the video. This is yet another safety feature of the Tandemit prevents you from fiddling with the dashcam while youre driving.

In the unfortunate situation of an accident, the dashcam will instantly detect it. Itll automatically save the video, along with the exact location and time of the event. This video will sync with your Garmin Drive app, which lets you view the footage from both angles.

Hate choosing between charging your phone and powering up your dashcam? The Tandem actually comes with a dual USB charger. That way, you can plug in your phone and dashcam simultaneously.

Lastly, one of the most impressive aspects about the Tandem is its inconspicuous size. At a mere 2.2 inches wide and 1.6 inches tall, it wont serve as a distraction while you drive. Despite its size, the small dashcam can still withstand harsh sunlight and hot temperatures.

The GarminTandem is currently available at a price of $299.99. It may be a steep price for a dashcam, but its a reliable choice for recording on the inside and outside of your vehicle.

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