FLEX 24V Max Cordless Drill – 5 Features that WOWed Me

FLEX, a ToolGuyd sponsor, has sent over a couple of their new 24V Max cordless power tools for testing and review.

I have been working with a couple of FLEX’s new cordless power tools, and will report more on them shortly. Here in this post, I’ll be talking about 5 things that stand out to me about the new FLEX 24V Max cordless drill specifically.
Newly Launched FLEX Tools at Lowe’s What’s FLEX and Why Should You Care?
FLEX has launched a new cordless power tool system that’s focused on power, performance, and advanced next-gen features. Their parent company, Chervon, is a major player in the cordless power tool industry, and they have been for a very long time. Chervon is the company behind EGO, Skil’s relaunch in recent years, and now FLEX.

FLEX’s parent company has been pushing forward, developing and manufacturing cordless power tools and related products for themselves as well as other popular tool brands, and so you might already have some of their products and innovations in your kit without knowing it.

Despite being a newly launched brand, FLEX is built on a foundation of years of experience, know-how, and advancements. Their goal isn’t to be just another brand on the shelf, they’re aiming to be the *best* brand on the shelf. And to do that, their tools need to be compelling.
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There are lots of things to like about the new FLEX 24V Max cordless drill/driver.
Key Features Turbo Mode – Speed boost for faster results Anti-kickback braking tech – for more confident and safer work Incredible power – 1400 in-lbs max torque
This is what everyone has been focusing on. And yes, these are compelling features in a cordless drill/driver. Who doesn’t want a faster and more powerful cordless drill that is also equipped with modern safety features?

But the questions I’ve been getting from readers have not been about power, or speed. The common question is simply “what do you think?”

So, at first impression, here is what WOWed me.
Flat Back and Perfect Alignment

Hey, look at that – the drill can take a break on its back.

Sometimes I can’t stand a drill up, or I can’t lay it down. So I lean it on something, it falls over, and something ends up getting scratched. The drill can be placed down on its battery, or it can rest in this odd position.

It’s not a big deal, but this is what comes to mind – FLEX thought of everything!

It’s not just about being able to place the drill down like this. Consider if you’re working within a stud cavity. If you back up a drill against one stud, having the tool’s motor housing and battery lines up like this will give you a little more working room.

This usually stands out to me like a conscious “quality user experience” decision.
Comfortable Grip

Next up, I love the textured handle grip. The FLEX drill has comfortable ergonomics and the grippy handle design immediately stood out.

This again comes down to thoughtful attention to details.

You can tell when a brand throws some components together and calls it a day. Some drills are clunky to use, and others are comfortable to the point you never even think about it. This one’s the latter.
A Very Different Battery Fuel Gauge

I have not seen a battery fuel gauge on a cordless power tool battery pack like this before. This is easily the most visible fuel gauge on the market today.

The activation button is on the front of the battery.

AND – yes there’s more – there are actually TWO battery fuel gauges, one on each side of the battery pack.

I know, this is talking about the battery and not the drill, but this is the first FLEX tool I started working with, and so it was my first introduction to the battery and its large double fuel gauges.
Drill Chuck with Carbide Teeth

The 1/2″ all-metal ratcheting chuck has carbide teeth within its jaws. I need more work with different sizes and styles of drill bits, but so far this is one of the most secure drill chucks I’ve ever used before.

If you look closely, this is a Jacob’s chuck.

I don’t often run into issues where a bit slips within a drill chuck, but I know it’s something a lot of users do experience, with some going so far to replace the chucks on their cordless drills with aftermarket parts. I think those users will be happy with this one.
The Most Effortless Battery Connection

Lastly, FLEX has one of the smoothest battery interfaces I have used. Press down on the release button with your finger(s) or hand, and the battery effortlessly slides away from the tool. The release button is also very well protected against accidental contact.
A Couple More Words
The newly launched FLEX cordless power tool system holds some very strong bragging rights. They say their tools deliver 20% more power than competitors’ – “unrivaled power” – and not only but faster charging rates, more advanced features, and faster performance.

All of that is very impressive, but for me the user-centric experience can be an even bigger deal.

This is “the platform’s most powerful drill,” with a whopping 1400 in-lbs max torque, and with claims of “dramatically faster results” thanks to the 2500 RPM delivery during Turbo mode. (Note: There is also a hammer drill version as well.)

I love a powerful drill, and I appreciate faster performance. For high power needs, it’s got muscle, and it has anti-kickback tech to protect me from the type of counter-rotation that can happen when a large drill bit jams. But it has also been a joy to use so far, and I don’t often need maximum power or speed.

This is the kind of drill that I know everyone will fight over if I include it in my next Habitat or Dept. of Public Works donation. I’ve been getting the feeling that a lot of FLEX tools are going to be like that. Sorry guys, but no I’m not ready to part with it yet.

I am enjoying my exploration and testing of these tools, and am eager for more.

They say “FLEX – it’s What’s Next.” I think they are off to a very good start.
What’s With The Excitement?
Let’s say I have 10 cordless drills on a shelf. (Actually… this isn’t so much of a hypothetical!)

Why pick up any one of those drills for a task over the others? Because a piece of paper says it has 5% greater max torque than the others?

The little things are important.

For me, cordless drills tend to pile up. Every now and then I pare things back, donating and giving away the samples (purchased by ToolGuyd or provided by brands and retailers). The tools that are left need to deserve and earn their spot on my long-term test bench or in my personal kit.

If you’ve read about FLEX tools recently, I’m sure you’ve seen the power and performance claims. I’ll be going over those too, separately, but here I wanted to look at what stood out to me. Provided by a sponsored brand or not, this FLEX drill – and anything I look at – will have to earn a place on my bench, in my bag, in my hand.

Any cordless drill will satisfy maybe 80% of my needs, with deliberate choices needing to be made for certain tasks and operations. This post is about what excited me about this FLEX drill, and some of the reasons it immediately earned a spot on my long-term test bench.

What kinds of questions do YOU have? What other tools from FLEX’s lineup do you want to see reviewed here?

This kit is priced at $229 and comes a charger, hard case, and one each of 2.5Ah and 5.0Ah batteries. There’s also an optional belt hook and bit holder that I haven’t installed yet.

Buy Now via Lowe’s
More FLEX Tools via Lowe’s

FLEX tools are covered by a 5-year end-to-end warranty. Register a new tool, battery, or charger within 30 days of purchasing through the end of 2021, and receive special FLEX FOUNDERS LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY coverage.

Thank you to FLEX for providing the review sample. FLEX is also a ToolGuyd sponsor as of the time of this posting.
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