Everyone loves to check out cool and unusual designs and crazy ideas that totally reimagine the way we think about certain features, spaces and even our homes as a whole

We’ve compiled a list of such amazing things which range from underground garages and suspended swimming pools to cool-looking tables and home accessories. Check them all out below.
Underground garage

The CarDok is a system which allows you to park two card in a very small area. The secret is that there’s a secret underground parking spot hidden underneath the platform. You can install this in your driveway and either use the top platform as another parking space or leave it empty and have everyone wonder where your car keeps disappearing.
Suspended swimming pool

The Jellyfish House designed by Wiel Arets Architects features a spectacular swimming pool unlike anything else you’ve seen. It’s a rooftop pool that looks as if it’s floating and it has a glass bottom which lets you see inside from the spaces below. The sunlight gets filtered through the water and reaches the lounge area underneath, creating cool visual effects.
The river table

The amazing and unique River table is created using extremely rare claro walnut slabs which give it a wonderful-looking surface. The top has a river of tempered glass flowing through it. The glass is hand-cut and has a very organic shape which complements the wood to perfection.
DIY resin table

One of the coolest pieces of furniture you could put in your home is actually something that you can craft yourself. This amazing live edge resin table is a DIY project described in detail on diyhuntress. Of course, your own version of the table would look unique and different.
The HoleRoll roller blinds

What’s really cool about the HoleRoll blinds is that they don’t just block the light but they also become amazing decorations and even cool focal points for the room. When you roll them out they reveal beautiful cityscapes created through holes in the fabric.
Curved bunk beds

This is something that studio h2o architectes designed for a contemporary ski retreat in Saint-Jean-de-Belleville, France. The sleeping area features bunk beds built into a custom wall unit that curves and looks absolutely stunning. The design is simple and perfectly balanced to blend aesthetics and functionality.
Smart coffee table

The Sobro SOCTB300WHBK coffee table is a very impressive piece of furniture that’s fully packed with tons of cool features such as Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, outlets, USB charging ports with storage drawers for the cables and even a refrigerated drawer that keeps your drinks cool. 
Fireplace art

There are all sorts of cool ways to make a fireplace look amazing and turn it into a unique focal point for the room that it’s in. This one rises to the rank of art. It has this extraordinary stone surround which twists and turns and combines a variety of different types of stones of different shapes, sizes and colors. It’s a little something that we found on reddit.
Spiral cellars

The Spiral Cellars, like the name suggests, are a series of wine cellars which a unique spiral design. What you can’t tell from the name is that they’re placed underground. With storage for up to 1,900 bottles and natural ventilation, this quickly turns into one of the coolest and most efficient wine cellar designs one can find.
The Bookchair

Designed by Sou Fujimoto, this quirky piece of furniture is actually a two-in-one set consisting of a bookcase from which you can extract a chair. The chair itself has bookshelves built right into it and slides in seamlessly, saving space and looking cool and unique at the same time. The Bookchair is all you need for your modern reading nook.
The Globe terrarium

The Globe is a stylish hand-blown terrarium for small and low-maintenance plants. It has an integrated LED light source and thanks to its spherical design it offers a unique perspective of everything that’s inside. It’s perfect for small succulents, moss and even aquatic plants.
Aquarium kitchen island

Designed by Robert Kolenik, this amazing Ocean kitchen island has a huge aquarium as a base. The aquarium within the island is L-shaped and holds a thick white counter with a built-in sink and cooking station. There’s also quite a bit of storage space built into the island which probably comes as a surprise at first.
The Evolution door

The Evolution door is designed by artist Klemens Torggler and practically revolutionizes and reinvents the door as we know it. It does that by featuring a unique system which combines four triangular panels which gently and seamlessly fold and roll to either open or close the door. Just a light tap and the mechanism gets triggered.
Wood wool tiles

There aren’t that many options to choose from when it comes to soundproof tiles, especially if you also want them to look cool. These hexagon-shaped ones created by studio From Us With Love are the exception. They were created using a special material they call wood wool also known as excelsior, they come in a variety of colors and they’re not just good-looking but also eco-friendly.
The Nautilus table

What makes the Nautilos table so special besides the extraordinary design of course is the fact that it’s a very limited edition of only five pieces, each unique and absolutely marvelous in its own way. They’re created using glass, Japanese paper, resin and sycamore and the design is inspired by the nautilus shell.

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