Dewalt 20V Max Brushless Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Deal (11/27/19)

Dewalt DCK477D2 20V Max Brushless Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Over at Lowes, they have a new Dewalt 20V Max cordless power tool combo kit special buy for the Black Friday 2019 and Holiday shopping season.. A brushless cordless combo kit, DCK477D2.

Ooh, this is new, or at least its new to me I dont think weve seen a combo kit like this before.

Lets start by talking about a different Dewalt 20V Max brushless kit, model DCK483D2.

Dewalt DCK483D2 Brushless Tool Combo Kit

This Dewalt brushless combo kit comes with a DCD791 drill/driver, DCF887 3-speed impact driver, DCS570 brushless circular saw, LED flashlight, (2) 2.0Ah batteries, charger, and kit bag. Lets call this kit the upgraded brushless combo kit.

Dewalt DCK477D2 20V Max Brushless Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Here is the new Dewalt value brushess combo kit. It comes with a DCD777 drill/driver, DCF787 impact driver, DCS570 circular saw, LED flashlight, (2) 2.0Ah batteries, charger, and tool bag.

This Dewalt value-focused brushless power tool combo kit trades the premium brushless drill and impact driver for holiday-special brushless drill and impact driver.

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If you ask me, if youre spending close to $270 for a brushless combo kit, maybe spend a little more for the upgraded kit? The upgraded kit is $340-345 on Amazon right now. Although thats not an insignificant difference, you get big bump-up in torque and features.

The DCD777 drill delivers 340 UWO max torque/power. The DCD791 delivers 460 UWO.

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When I tracked down specs for my UWO post, I found that:

DCD777 is rated at having 340 UWO, 65 Nm max torque, and 500 RPM for the lower setting.

DCD791 is rated at having 460 UWO, 70 Nm max torque, and 550 RPM for the lower setting.

The DCF887 (upgrade model) also out-torques the DCF787 (value model) their max torque ratings are 1825 in-lbs compared to 1500 in-lbs, respectively. The upgraded model is also faster and has 3 speed/torque settings.

The 7-1/4 cordless circular saw, LED flashlight, batteries, and tool bag are the same. Im going to assume the charger is the same.

Dont get me wrong, $269 seems like a good value for what you get, and its possible the price will lower a little more. Maybe itll be a flash sale or deal of the day.

Personally, I would be inclined to spending a little more to get the upgrade kit, especially while its discounted right now, as that kit is normally $399. $269 vs. $399 is a big difference. But $269 compared to $345-ish?

If I were shopping for someone else though, dothey need the upgraded drill and impact driver?

Someone recently asked me why Dewalt has a good brushless circular saw and a cheaper looking one. They dont. The brushless circular saw in this kit is DCS570, which is the same 20V Max brushless circular saw as in other kits.

The circular saw bare tool is typically $179, although I can find it for as low as $150 on Amazon. So, with this Lowes deal, you get a ~$150 saw and then a drill, impact driver, flashlight, batteries, charger, and tool bag for $119 more than that.

The DCD777C2 drill kit comes with the same drill and lower capacity batteries, for $99. The 1-battery DCF787C1 impact driver kit comes with the same impact driver, a single lower capacity battery, charger, and tool bag for $99.

This is the first value-focused Dewalt brushless tool kit Ive seen that features more than just the drill or impact driver. Its a very good price. I mentioned that maybe the price will lower a little more, but now that Im thinking about things, that seems unlikely.

If youre looking for the most bang for the buck, this is a HOT BARGAIN. If you want some more bang and can spend some more bucks, go for the upgraded kit, which is also discounted right now.

Price: $269

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