Deal: Skil Brushless Drill Kit and Digital Level for $59

Skil 12V Max Brushless Drill Kit and Level Bundle

I reviewed Skils 12V Max brushless drill kit last year, and it both surprised and impressed me with how powerful and high-performing it was. At that time, you could buy the kit for $80, which was a great price for what you got.

Now, that Skil PWRCore 12 brushless drill kit is on sale at Amazon, for $57.06. A $23 reduction in price? Sounds great!

But, theres also this drill kit plus 12 digital level bundle, priced at $59. So for just $2 more, you get a small digital level.

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Is this a good deal?

In my opinion, yes. If you want a cordless drill thats very capable for its size and price, this is it. Additionally, you get the PWRCore charger with USB port and PWRCore 12V battery, also equipped with a USB port.

The drill has an innovative thats a little gimmicky but also potentially useful. Inside the drill chuck is a 1/4 hex recess, which allows you to use a power but without having to lock it into the chuck.

  • 350 in-lbs max torque
  • 17 + 1 clutch settings
  • 1/2 keyless chuck
  • 0-450/0-1650 RPM

The digital level is described as having highly accurate blue levels, and it also gives you real-time arrow guidance when you reach 0, 45, or 90. It also has a magnetic edge, 10 value memory feature, and has inch markings on one side and metric on the other.

Spec-wise, the drill delivers quite a lot of bang for the buck.

Whats the downside? For this particular drill, its its size. 12V-class cordless drills are supposed to be compact and light. In a general sense, it is. But compared to other 12V-class cordless drills or more premium 18V and 20V Max drills, the Skil seems large for its voltage.

However, you do get great specs and thoughtful features.

Theres a question as to whether you see yourself buying into the Skil 12V platform in the future, but if youre in the market for an under $60 cordless drill kit, thats probably not a top concern or consideration.

Even if this would be your one and only Skil cordless power tool, at least the battery can serve double-duty as a USB-charging power bank.

I bought a USB battery power bank of what Im guessing is of approximately comparable battery capacity, for around $36 back in 2017. While the PWRCOre battery is not quite the same thing, or as versatile as a portable phone and device charger, its still a good bargain that you get a multi-functional battery and the drill kit for under $60, and an even better deal if you could use the level.

If you want the drill kit, you might as well get this bundle, as its only $2 more. If there was a $10 or greater difference, that would be different. But for $2 more, why not.

To be frank, Im not sure I would buy this for personal needs. But if I wanted to get a housewarming gift for a friend or family? Sure, this would definitely fit the bill.

Price: $59

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