Are you tired of wasting all your energy in the constant hammering of a pin nail to attach your wooden pieces? However, don’t waste your time and energy, where the market offers you a huge range of pin nailing products.

Pinner gun introduces the technology of fixing woodworking projects with just a click; hence, beautifying the delicate wooden pieces with less effort and time.

Out of a hundred options, picking out the best pin nailer will be quite challenging. This article of reviews will clear your doubts and will help you to buy the best one according to your convenience.

Following, you will find detailed product reviews and other common factors related to the pin nailer products. So let’s get started;
What Is a Pin NailerUsed for?
A Pin nailer is a powerful tool used for cabinetry works. They exclusively fasten your jobs of joining two or more delicate sheets of wood together, resulting in a finer looking twig piece.

Out of all other nailers, this gun pinner is the smallest in the family. Although they are the smallest of all, they are highly useful as they are extremely handy to nail fine-grained wooden surfaces, crafting any wooden piece of furniture or fixing some timber bits in your home.

This little power tool is known by names such as a micro-pinner, electric pinner, 23 gauge pin nailer, or headless pinner or sometimes just a pinner.

The unique feature of a pinner as they embark into the wooden piece in such a discreet manner, leaving no imprint of the nail being gunned on the wooden surface.

Magically, the nail just vanishes into the wood piece creating a smoother and cleaner looking work. Interestingly, the nail holes are so unnoticeable that your projects won’t need any filling.

A pin nailer is applicable for detailed working, such as making or fixing a kitchen drawer, picture frames, cabinetry, DIYs woodworks, decorating any piece of wood, or indoor project.
Difference Between Pin Nailer and Brad Nailer
The two types of nail guns are brad nailers or finish nailers and pin nailers. Let’s see how they differ from each other;
A pin nailer uses pins while a brad nailer uses brads. Brads are similar to pins, but they are slender than a usual nail pin. A brad nailer uses 18 gauge pins while a pin nailer can work with 23 gauge nail pins. Brad nailers use a pin with heads which can break off or damage any delicate material, whereas pin nailers have headless pins better to use on delicate pieces. Pin nailers generally do not have various triggering features as that of brad nailers. Pin nailers comprise of higher capacity of the magazine that means you can insert 100 pins in one strip; well, on the contrary, brad/finish nailers do not hold that much capacity of the magazine. 5 Best Pin Nailer Reviews
Here we have tried to provide you some applicable information related to pin nailers. I hope this will make your decision easier to get the perfect one for your woodwork.

Have a look at our top 5 picks of pinners:
1. BOSTITCH HP118K23-Gauge 1/2-Inch to 1-3/16-Inch Pin Nailer

This black colored tool of Bostitch brand offers full-packed features for smoother, finer work of wooding with safety measures. Weighing for about 4.2 pounds, they run between 70 and 120 PSI. This light-weighted pinner is composed of an aluminum structure.

You can have blind faith in this brand as Bostitch is known for its fastening powered tools technology for many years. Hence, Bostitch pinners provide you the best feature of the powerful airy performance.

They can control the power each time of use as it can be adjusted as higher or lower by setting the depths of the pin without fixing the compressor.

This pinner tool can work with 23 gauge nail pin ranging in between ½ inch to 1-3/16 inches for thin pieces of wood. You will be happy to know that you can work without reloading in the middle of your work as this pin nailer offers 200 pins of magazine capacity.

They are particularly suitable for thin layers because you won’t damage the wooden surface with this 23 gauge pin nail. But if it was a brad nailer of 18 gauge nail, then you would have surely wasted your energy and time as they tend to break off light-weighted materials.

Featuring with a low profile nosepiece with its compact body, they serve a straight and clear line for placing the pin perfectly. Besides this, you won’t face airy force against your face due to its exhaustion characteristic at the back.

They are designed in such a manner that your hand can be kept balanced over it without any slippery feeling while using it for a lengthened time. For accomplishing the task more comfortably and correctly, the pin nailer is designed with a reversible hook belt.

Inexpensive No marks visible Easy on softwood
Not applicable on mismatched corners 2. Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner

Are you looking for a perfect powered nailer tool for working on hardwood? Then stop pondering over and have a look at the P635 pinner review. The Wood Magazine has honored this pinner as the best tool in the year of 2005.

Designed with an impressive motor, this pin nailer can work on hardwood projects, including delicate pieces of wood preventing it from breaking or splitting off. Now, this tool is featured with a narrow nose giving the ability to penetrate compact and closed spaces.

You can perform an excessive trimming job for a longer period without any pause in between because of its flexible and durable nature. P635 is a piece of power-packed equipment for fastening wooden materials without leaving any mark of splits or holes on the surface. You don’t need to apply anything to fill up the gaps.

They are structured as large fasteners as they input pins ranging from 3/8 inch to 1-3/8 inches of size. They hold the capacity to insert 100 pins. Thus you need to pause a little in between your task. But don’t worry, whenever reloading is needed, the indicator will notify you about it.

This headless pinner is exceptionally light-weight, weighing for only about 2.21 pounds making it easier for you to work for a long time. Using a 23 gauge pin, they provide extreme power in holding when inserted accurately.

Similar to the previous tool, this pinner is also acquainted with an exhaust feature at the back to exhaust far from the user and to assure less noise for working peacefully. Besides all this, this gun pinner is made with double-trigger in terms of safety features. Hence, there is no chance of firing unintentionally.

Small and light weighted Very good for moldings Quiet equipment
Less durable 3. Metabo HPT NP35A Pin Nailer

Many of us have heard the brand named HITACHI. Don’t we? Well, Hitachi is the former brand name of Metabo HPT tools. The change of the brand name just began since last year. Though the name changed, the quality and service will remain the same.

This little power tool only weighs about 2.0 lbs. They are very versatile as you can cover up many applications through this headless pinner like paneling, cabinetry, trim work, DIYs crafting, photo frames fixing, beading windows, and molding projects.

This micro pinner shoots headless pins of 23 gauge, thus, producing an output of fine and smooth surfaces with less to no marks or holes. It has the capacity for fastening larger wooden pieces within a short period and can reload 100 pins at a time.

You will be happy enough to learn that it consists of features like an indicator for notifying when to reload next; you can control the driving depth and also a dual trigger for security purposes.

Damaging a material can cost you more than the actual power tool. Therefore, manufacturers have made it with a larger shield, exhaust at the rear of the tool for staying away from the gun, and no-mar tips feature. These features allow keeping the pinner tool long-lasting, making it work effortlessly without a noisy environment.

Interestingly, they also have a nose plate that can be removed anytime for clearing the jam inside the gun pinner. They work perfectly on tasks like building furniture, thin wood projects, finely trimming up materials, decorating any pieces, crafting activity, beading, and so on.

Complete package The magazine is auto adjustable Quite affordable Good for delicate pieces
Does not work great on hardwood 4. Makita AF353 23 Gauge, 1-3/8” Pin Nailer

This gun pinner is designed with a complete dimension of 4.8 x 13.8 x 14 inches with a narrow nose for allowing access to areas of tight and sturdy surfaces. This pneumatic pin nailer has a magazine that can be adjusted with various sizes of pins such as 5/8″, 11/16″, ¾,” 1-3/16″ and 1-3/8 inches.

Physically compacted, light-weighted of about 2 lbs, this tool is ideal for nearly all types of wooding projects such as molding, trimming, decorating doors, cabinetry, paneling, furniture finishing, crafting and so on. They offer you many features with power-packed and effortless performance.

Similar to other pinners, they are also featured with an exhaust at the rear of the tool for the user’s convenience. Besides, another convenient feature involved is the belt hook in a reversible manner that makes the tool to stay closer. The pinner’s magazine loads up to 130 pins at one strip for greater capability to work thoroughly.

This tool also adds on two no-mar tips, which are removable and is made for accurate pinning. Besides,the air duster built inside the pin gunner can be used to clear your workplace with its airflow.

AF353 offers a lockout and a red indicator to notify the operator to reload nail pins wherein the dual finger trigger is made to control constant shooting. This product is mechanized with an aluminum build to serve strong and durable composition.

Clearing jams are comparatively easy with this pin nailer as the nose plate can be removed quickly and securely. Proper air pressure and oil can keep this pin gunner work smoothly. Thus, this pinner will be a great product to purchase.

Quality work on tight spaces No mark of holes Best for crown molding Less jamming
Nail magazine is weak 5. NuMax SP123 Pneumatic 23 Gauge 1” Micro Pin Nailer

Searching for a product that can help you getting your DIYs as perfect as a real piece of work? Well, no need to ponder anymore, and let’s read the reviews of this pneumatic gun nailer as it might serve you satisfactorily.

This pinner is also mechanized with 23 gauge pin used between ½” to 1” like many other petite pin nailers. They are appropriate for projects like photo frames, cabinetry, and trimming, making jewelry boxes, DIYs, and crafting. They have magazine loading at the bottom, which makes it easier to refill the nails instantly.

They are the most weightless tool weighing only about 0.16 ounces allowing the operator to work for long hours without any interruption. This pinner is also constructed with an aluminum body with a dimension of about 8.5 x 2 x 6.7 inches.

This pin nailer is similarly featured with a trigger for not causing any unexpected firing and also assures placing the nail pin in a perfect position. Holding your grip is important for you not to get tired; however, this pinner is made to handle your grip firmly through its built-in body structure.

Even though you are stuck with a jam of nails, the feature hex-key of this pin gunner makes your clearing process very fast and easy. Besides, they also feature an anti-duster for helping you clear up your workspace.

Interestingly, here, you can choose your targeted pin with a pin nailer selector for your convenient woodwork or DIYs.

Applicable for handy craft projects Good for the price Great quality based Solid gun Perfect placement of pins
Frequent jamming Visible holes Before You Buy What to Look For?
Now you’re quite well informed about the details of pin nailers, but before purchasing a product, it is important to clarify some facets in your mind. You will have to consider the facts about what kind of woodworking applications will you apply with your selected pin nailer or how frequent will you be using your pinner.

No need to think more; check out the listed factors below to be considered before you intend to purchase one.
Length of Pin Nail
This one facet needs the most consideration out of all while choosing your desired product, what will be the length of your pin nail? Length of the pin is needed for how much big pin you can insert into your tool. Now this will be cleared by the kind of task you are going to perform with this pneumatic tool.

To work on hardwoods, you will need to drive a longer nail. On the contrary, small pins can be used for working on thin or delicate pieces of wood. Therefore, keep in mind about your woodworking projects and then select a pin to drive into your tool.
Capacity of Nail
As you have seen in the reviews, each of the power tools is designed with the capacity to hold a considerable number of pins at one strip. Most of them can insert 100 pins.

Higher nail capacity will offer you to work faster, which means you won’t need to stop your work in between to reload your gunner. Therefore, the higher the capacity, the faster the work.

For this reason, choose your woodworking tool with a convenient number of pins for your ease and satisfaction.
Indicators or Pointers
Pointers or indicators are an important factor you need to consider before purchasing your tool. Because we all know that through such indicators, we can understand what a certain thing or tool is informing us. These are crucial for safety measures, as well. There are a few types of pointers you will find in your nail pinner such as
Low Pins
This type of indicator notifies you that there are not many pins left inside the pin nailer. So you need to upload pins to prevent dry firing the tool and cause it to damage your machine.
On/Off Light
This indicator light is used to show that your machine is switched on and is ready to use. When the light goes off, it indicates that the machine is in sleeping mode hence, preventing it from an accidental shooting.
Some of the pinners are designed in cordless forms; then, you might have a battery indicator notifying you about when your machine needs charging. The lights go off when your machine has completed charging the battery.
Weight matters when it comes to gripping a machine while working. You may not wish to tire your hands quickly while working. A heavy weighted tool can weaken your energy level; thus, not allowing you to work for longer hours. That is why the light-weighted machine is preferable to enjoy doing your task efficiently for extended hours.

Most of the reviewed models mentioned above weigh 2 pounds or less than that. But there are also some tools weighing 5 pounds even. However, you have to consider the time and motive of your use and then decide on the weight of the machine.
Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)
Every mechanical device has a compressor fixed inside that gives the power to run the tool. Similarly, an air compressor is attached to the pin nailer; the power applied is measured in terms of PSI.

As you have seen in the reviews, most of the models provide a range for the tool, according to that, the power control is under your hands. You can shift your power to a higher range when applying on hard materials and vice versa. Because hard materials need high PSI to penetrate the wood and thinner materials, they require low PSI.

Therefore, it will be better to buy a pin nailer that provides a wide range of PSI for your device.
Additional Features
When you select a commodity, you are usually attracted by the extra features they have. It is because purchasing a product merely depends upon how well they are manufactured with different features for making it convenient for the user to work with it.

The add-on features that a nail gun owns are such as a small briefcase, narrow nose and, oil-free motor. These can also provide ease in your woodworking applications.

Don’t you desire to have all your tools together in one place for easy traveling or easy storing? Hence, most of the brands of pinner come with a carrying case to keep all the parts together, preventing it from losing or damaging any of them.

To work on your DIYs or any small tasks, a narrow nose will assist the pin nailer in penetrating fitted areas for your convenience.

Lastly, the oil-free motor pin nailer does not need any oil adding to the machine for cleaning it up. You will be happy to know there is no need for maintenance for an oil-free motored nail gun.
Warranty is an important feature needed with every brand or model. It is kind of a promise or a guarantee of your product to provide comprehensive coverage. Most of the companies usually offer lifespan coverage while some offer up to 2-3 years.

All the materials used to make this powered tool are not constructed loosely, but it is yet better to have a warranty to avail of a backup solution not to waste your money to buy the same device all over again.

Thus, it is highly recommended to look out for a machine that comes with a full proof warranty.
Other Safety Features
Working with a powered machine will need some safety measures. That is why these pneumatic fire-driven tools are mechanized with few features for the operator to work safely. We will discuss two features, i.e., trigger and dry fire lock system.

Some models provide you with a full sequence trigger system for preventing firing against the air, which can cause harm to anyone.

The trigger system implies a pressure to be applied to open the trigger for driving the nail pin to the material. This means that; to fasten a nail pin inside, the operator needs to push the pinner against the surface and then press the trigger.

The dry fire lockout system is another feature built-in for ensuring you and your material’s well-being. How? Well, dry firing, first of all, means to fire the gun while running out of pin nails in your pinner machine accidentally. This action might cause damage to your ongoing small projects and can also harm your device.

Therefore, the system of fire lockout; locks up your machine while you fire as soon as your pin nailer becomes empty.

So, now you know these small safety features can prevent to cause any damage to yourself as well as your woodworking projects. Besides, it also helps to keep your pinner long-lasting. Thus, it is always better to choose a device inbuilt with safety features.

Types of Pin Nailers
Pin nailers are classified into two categories: Electric pinner and air-powered or pneumatic pinner. Appending below is the description of both kinds of pin nailers with some prominent pros and cons for you to understand better.
Electric Pinner
Electrical pin nailers are usually built as cordless; they work on battery mode, which means a battery charger is needed to work for your projects.

In other words, a battery charger should be carried along with you if you want to work somewhere else; otherwise, it won’t be possible. In that case, you can continue working until your battery is charged; otherwise, you need to plug in to charge fully.

This type of gun nailer is said to have extreme power when compared to other pin nailers. Though sadly, they aren’t much durable because they do not comprise of sturdy characteristics. Hence, maintenance is not usually practiced with these tools, which means they will cost you less in the long run.

These gun pinners can be incorporated with battery models like the Li-Ion and NiCad batteries. But the demerit here is that the NiCad batteries lose the power in the long run. Another disadvantage is these electrical pinners are very costly, according to the features offered.
Pneumatic Pinner
In contrast to electrical pinners, a Pneumatic pinner runs on the power of an air compressor simply. Well, in simple language it means, to run the gun pinner; it has to have an air compressor built in it, and also, the compressor is required to have the power that is capacity and pressure to operate the machine.

As for this tool, it does not have any limited time to use, which implies that as long as your air compressor is okay, you can operate your machine until your trim work is complete.

Comparatively, these pneumatic tools are cheaper than the electric ones. But it may cost you more because they are quite durable and will need good maintenance to keep it long-lasting. Maintenance will be required mostly on the compressor, which might sometimes charge you more price than the cost of the purchased device.

These air-powered tools are not so powerful, but they are built with compact material. That is why they are said to be highly durable.

Besides these factors, another point should be noted that for an electric compressor, they only work on electricity, and thus, you cannot run them someplace where there is no power or electricity.
Frequently Asked Questions Why is it recommended to use headless pins?
It is recommended to use headless pins when you’re working on a delicate piece of wood like fastening or trimming up your projects; these do not cause your woodwork project to break off.
What precautions should you take while using a pinner?
While working on a project, it is recommended to use eye protector glasses, gloves, and earmuffs. Moreover, make sure to work in a safe deserted place for the sake of other’s safety.
Which one is better to use; pin nailers or brad nailers?
Pin nailers are better to use on delicate pieces because brad nails can destroy your work due to its firm and durable nature, and also, they don’t use standard nails.
Do the gun nailers require oil for maintenance?
Yes, to operate the machine smoothly, it is better to pour a few drops of oil to maintain your operation.
How many triggers are available in a pin nailer?
There are usually two triggers in some of the high rated tools, to drive the nails into the device you need to pull up the safety trigger to allow the primary trigger to take the action.
Final Words
We do understand that it is not so easy to shop tools like pin nailer, but we hope our reviews and other necessary points related to pin nailers will serve your purpose. With this idea and knowledge now, you will be able to purchase the best pin nailer suitable for you.

Our comment section is always open for your valuable comments and queries. We appreciate your time for reading us.

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