Apple and Google have devised a cross-platform application to help with coronavirus contact tracing

The app will not track users and will not share any identifying information. The app will eventually be built into iOS and Android and will rely on Bluetooth to help users monitor their risk of having come in contact with a person that was later diagnosed with COVID-19. President Trump said in recent remarks that the system may pose unspecified “constitutional problems.” Visit BGR’s homepage for more stories.
Apple and Google a few days ago announced a massive partnership to set up the technology required to improve contact tracing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. South Korea is an example where a coronavirus containment campaign focused on aggressive testing and contact tracing works. Health officials focused on testing as many people as possible to find COVID-19 patients and potential carriers. They simultaneously tried to discover all the other people they may have come in contact with. At the time of this writing, South Korea had 10,564 COVID-19 cases and just 222 deaths. Only 2,808 cases are still active. Considering how fast COVID-19 can be transmitted, performing contact tracing without any tech assistance is futile and won’t work, especially during the peak of the outbreak. But contact tracing might play a vital role soon, as social distancing restrictions are eased, and life returns to some sort of normalcy. That’s because the virus won’t disappear without a vaccine, and outbreaks could still reoccur in the future.

What Apple and Google are proposing is a system that could warn people if they get into the proximity of a person who’s been diagnosed with COVID-19. And the entire process is supposed to be anonymous. The two companies won’t collect any user data, and participation will be voluntary.

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