A timeline of the ‘Destiny 2’ Almighty live event

Destiny 2 live event
  • Destiny 2 hosted its first live event in-game on Saturday, blowing up the Almighty superweapon.
  • The destruction of the Almighty had been a season in the making, and after a 90-minute wait, everyone who was online in Destiny 2 got to see the ship come crashing down.
  • The pacing of the event was far too slow, but the crash landing was exciting.

Perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to attend the first Destiny 2 live event on Saturday. Much like the live events that Fortnite has popularized in recent years, Destiny 2 developer Bungie wanted to wrap the latest season of its online game with a bang by giving players a reason to all log in at once and see something that would only happen once. If you missed it, you're out of luck. But that's what makes it so impactful, and Fortnite has shown time and time again just how invested players are in unique occurrences like these.

In the days leading up to the event, Bungie revealed that the Almighty -- a superweapon built by the self-proclaimed leader of the Cabal Empire, Dominus Ghaul -- would finally come down. In a last ditch effort, after Ghaul and the Red Legion had been defeated, a surviving Psion Flayer set the Almighty on a collision course with Earth.

With just a few days left before the crash, Rasputin, the Warmind built to defend Earth, bombarded the Almighty with enough firepower to blow it up, saving the Last City and the Tower. Which brings us to the live event, as we watched it all happen in real time -- excruciating, agonizing, painfully slow real time.

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