A disorganized house does not look appealing to anyone, but we can change that by just using towel bars outside the bathroom

Towel bars will look smart and creative if used in the correct manner and setting. Let us have a look at how we can change a few things for good around the house by using towel bars.
21 Genius Ways to Organize Using Towel Bars 1. Organize Pot Lids
Image Credit: hip2save.com

With numerous pots and pans in the kitchen, arranging them with the correct size lid gets messy and tasking. Let’s try showing off these lids in a descending manner of their sizes on a towel bar which will look creative and make our game of coordinating the pot lids a little easy.
2. Craft Paints Storage

Painting as a hobby is great, but the cleanup and organizing after a painting session is hell. Most of it can be solved by placing your colors simplistically and creatively using the towel racks. Jen from 100 Directions has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make your paint storage just by using Towel bars and a cabinet door.
3. DIY Walk-in-Closet

Don’t have enough budget to buy a walk-in closet? Well, you do not need one if you possess this DIY idea. You can make your own walk-in closet using towel bars. OK, not exactly a walk-in closet but quite close just by using a few towel bars and clothing rack. Stylizimoblog has detailed instructions on the project.

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4. Create A Pasta Station
Image Credit: IKEA

We have got the hang of hanging objects on towel bars, so how about we move a little ahead of pot lids and make an entire station for just our favorite meatball spaghetti. All you need is a few towel bars to get the job done. Hanging the pasta dough, the deep pans, and the pots can be a great way to start. You can use your imagination to make it look like you want.
5. Kitchen Utensils Organizer
Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Not enough space in your drawer to keep the kitchen utensils or just want to go a little creative to keep kitchen utensils, a towel bar will come handy in any situation. Simply hang a few baskets or bins on the towel bar and keep your utensils organized in the bins.
6. Organize Cleaning Supplies
Image Credit: Homeroad

Having a tough time keeping your cleaning supplies organized? Simply using a door hanger towel bar can easily organize them and keep them handy. So, say goodbye to the disorganized mess of cleaning supplies under the sink with this simple hack.
7. Craft Supplies Organizer
Image Credit: iheartorganizing

If your Craft supplies are organized in a messy drawer, then this is a perfect hack for you. By using towel bars, you can store your crafts neatly and make them easy to grab for your creative use. Towel bars have made organizing craft supplies a child’s play. All you need to do is attach the towel bar onto an empty wall and hook a few artistic mugs for storage. Voila, you have successfully claimed victory over your messy and unorganized drawers.
8. DIY Jewelry Hanger
Image Credit: A little Tipsy

If you have an extensive collection of jewelry in your drawers, it can become hard to keep them organized. Plus, it becomes tasking when you have to find the right necklace that will go with your black dress. Sounds familiar? Well, towel bars for help. An ingenious solution is to organize your jewelry is to attach towel bars on the inside of the dressing table door and hang the jewelry on them.
9. Organize Garden Tools
Image Credit: TheCavenderDiary

Loitering the garden shed floor with tools causes them to rust or put the occupants in harm’s way. A simple way to organize them would be by attaching towel bars to the shed door and hanging big cups and mugs to contain your tools. This method also keeps the tools clean and handy for the next use.
10. DIY Charging Station
Image Credit: Hometalk

There might be a lot of sockets in your house that you can use to charge your phone. But there might be a few which you want to use but can’t just because they are not ideally located. Well, towel bars for help. Make your own DIY charging station using towel bars and use any socket you want to charge your phone or anything else.

All you need to do is attach a towel bar over the socket you like to use. Then hang a basket to house your charger and phone. Your Charging Station is ready, wherever you want it to be.
11. Laundry Rack
Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Finding space to dry out your clothes in the laundry room can be an arduous task. But towel bars make it easy without needing a lot of space. Just hang a towel bar under a shelf or a cabinet and your laundry rack is ready. Now you can wash your clothes and dry them efficiently using this trick.

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12. Yoga Mat Hook
Image Credit: Houzz

Till now we have been using the towel bars horizontally, let us try a vertical usage. All you need are two towel bars attached in parallel to the wall. Just attach hooks to the bottom and start racking your yoga mat on top of each other. This makes a perfect mat holder and also saves your valuable space while looking good.
13. Extra Bathroom Storage
Image Credit: Kaderique

Need extra storage in the bathroom? Of course, you do and the cheapest and easiest way to add extra storage is to use towel bars. All you need to do is fix some towel bars and hang multiple baskets to them. So easy! You can load the baskets with refills and toilet paper.

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14. Hanging Garden
You can add a different theme to your house by using this tip. First, you need to install towel bars above your window sill, and preferably long towel bars for more space across the window. Now, make sure you have space between the curtains and bars so that the curtains do not get dirty when watering the plants. Now hang small flower pots to the towel bar, install indoor plants as the sunlight is going to be blocked by the curtains.
15. Trash Bag Holder
Image Credit: Simply Organized

A great way to use your trash bags efficiently is to roll them onto the towel bars. Placing them in the right area is the key. The perfect area would be under the sink and installing a towel bar under the sink makes a perfect trash bag holder. All you need to do is roll the bags on the bars and pull out whenever you need to fill the trash can.
16. Fruit Storage
Image Credit: Dear Lillie

Hanging a fruit basket from a towel bar will save space on the counters. And if you have kids around you can hang it a bit low for them to easily reach the fruits. It is an innovative storage idea and can be used to store anything from fruits to even plants!
17. Gift Wrapping Corner
Image Credit: Brooklyn Limestone

Keep all items required for gift wrapping like tapes, ribbons, wrapping paper, etc in an organized manner. All you need to create your own corner gift station are a few towel bars, storage baskets, and storage buckets(small). Really brilliant organization hack!
18. Hang cutting board
Image Credit: TidBits-Cami

I came across this hack when I was remodeling my kitchen and didn’t have space to accommodate my new cutting boards.
Cutting boards are used almost every day in every house so it’s best to keep them in a space that is easily accessible and easy to clean. Hanging cutting boards gives the kitchen a different look and make the work a whole lot easier.
19. Backpack hanger
Image Credit: Overthebigmoon

Keeping your Kid’s school stuff hung at a low height is a perfect and inexpensive alternative for Mudroom that also inhibits floor clutter. To make it look more attractive you can also add a few personal touches, like painting it or using stickers, etc.
20. Kitchen hooks
Image Credit: Life in a Little Red Farmhouse

If you have a small kitchen but want to accommodate a lot of stuff. You can use a towel bar and a few S-pins to make your kitchen more easy to use and spacious. Place light things that are taking space on the counter in the basket. This will make your kitchen look good and things will be easily accessible. You should also organize your cabinets especially if you have a small kitchen.
21. Scarf holders
Image Credit: The Chronicles of Home

If your closet is all messed up because of your long scarfs getting tangled. Then you gotta give this hack a shot. Simply mount a towel bar on the back of your closet door and loop your scarfs over it. This will keep them organized and visible. So easy that it makes you say why didn’t I think of that?

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