7 Clever Ways To Get More Organized By Thinking Like MacGyver

When it comes to getting organized, I’m a big believer in the power of creativity and resourcefulness! After all, why should you spend a small fortune on bins and organizers when you can use stuff you already have at home? :-)

Today I’ll be sharing a new set of resourceful organizing tips with you (or as I’ve chosen to refer to them, “home organization hacks that will make you feel like Macgyver.”) ;-) Because much like Macgyver does, these tips are all about using everyday items in unexpected ways!

If you missed the first two installments, you can read the first post about organizing with kitchen items here, and read the second post about organizing with office supplies here. In today’s post, we’ll be focusing on organizing with stuff you can find in your closet!

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7 More Home Organization Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like Macgyver

1. Over-The-Door Organizer For Gift Wrap
Use an over-the-door pocket organizer like this one to keep your gift wrapping supplies tidy and easily accessible. I find this system especially useful during the holidays, because I don’t have to hunt down the wrapping paper, scissors, tape, etc. every time I want to wrap a gift!

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2. Hanging Shoe Rack For Bulk Items
Stocking up on toilet paper at Costco can be a great way to save money, but finding enough shelf space to store all that toilet paper can be a bit of a challenge! That’s why a hanging shoe rack makes a great storage solution for things that you buy in bulk.

Just hang the shoe rack from the rod in your bedroom closet or a coat closet, and tuck anything you need store into the shelves and pockets. It’s an easy and affordable solution to the problem of storing stuff you bought in bulk!

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3. Shoebox For Chargers
Tired of seeing messes of charging cords and cables all over the house? Keep everything tidy by making a simple charging station out of an old shoebox!

Just feed a power strip through one side of the box, then feed make a few holes out of the front of the box to run chargers through. You can even decorate your box with some scrapbook paper and wash tape to spruce it up a bit!

4. Removable Hooks For Cords & Wires
Speaking of messy cords and cables, I hate seeing cords and wires hanging down behind our furniture! But luckily, it’s easy to install a few adhesive hooks to run your cords and cables through that will keep them out of sight.

Small hooks like these ones are perfect for the job, so I like to buy them in bigger packs so I always have a few on hand!

5. Tension Rods For Tupperware
Keeping a drawer of food storage containers and lids organized can be a nightmare! But one simple tool can help you control the chaos: a tension rod!

Just install a short tension rod inside your drawer of containers to keep the lids separate from the containers. (You could also separate them based on size, type, or whatever makes the most sense to you.)

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6. Scarf Hangers For Cords & Cables
Scarf hangers aren’t only useful for keeping your accessories organized. They’re also perfect for using in the garage to hang up extension cords, bungee cords, and other items to keep them tidy and untangled!

7. Pants Hanger For Hand Towels
Another specialty hanger you can put to work outside of the closet is a pants hanger. Instead to using it to keep slacks nicely pressed, you could hang hand towels from it in your bathroom!

Another useful option would be to keep a pants hanger in your kitchen to keep towels and aprons organized.

Do you ever use household items in unexpected ways to get more organized?
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