5 top phone holders for your car from Andobil

Being able to use your phone hands-free while driving is a must for anyone on the move nowadays, especially if you use your phone as a GPS or for directions.

However, it can be quite hard to find really good mounts to use in your car - so many of them are cheaply made or unreliable. Thankfully, Andobil has a whole range of superb phone holders designed for use in your car, and we've gathered five of the very best options, right here, for you to check out. 

Wireless Charger Mount View offer on Amazon
This mount is a superb option if you want the minimum amount of fuss with wires and plugging your phone in to charge, because it has a built-in wireless charging pad.

That means that once you've set it up in your car, all you have to do is click your phone into place and it'll be getting juiced up as you drive. Since GPS services can drain batteries quickly, that makes it an absolutely genius bit of kit to take with you. 

Ultimate Car Phone Mount View offer on Amazon
This mount is a great option if you want a clamp that's nice and secure, and a to be able to easily swivel the phone between landscape and portrait modes, depending on what you prefer and what's easiest. 

It's univerally-compatible so will fit any modern smartphone comfortable, and a quick-release button also makes it extremely easy to grab your phone if you need to hope out of your car to nip into a store or anything else!

Cup Holder Phone Mount View offer on Amazon
Most car phone mounts work by clamping onto the air conditioning vents, but this extremely clever bit of design shows that Andobil can do it other ways, as well. It works by slotting into your cup-holder.

A flexible gooseneck lets you arrange the phone exactly as you want it, and opens up a bunch of different layout for you, making it perfect for anyone who wants things precisely laid-out. 

Easy Clamp 3.0 View offer on Amazon
Andobil's been making excellent phone holders for a while now, which you can see in the fact that this is the third version of its Easy Clap system, the most stable one they've created so far. 

It's also got universal compatibility, and can fit in loads of different places, whether you use a suction cup, the air vent mount or more. In fact, you can even use it as a great desk-mounted phone holder if you find it useful away from your car. 

Newest Andobil Phone Car Holder Mount View offer on Amazon
Our final mount is the most recent one that Andobil has released, and it's a brilliant and stylish way to clamp your phone in place. Just like the other options on show, it's got super-wide compatibility so any size phone will work with it, and can easily rotate.

You can once again mount it in a variety of ways, and it can bear a huge amount of weight to make sure that it won't ever drop off into your lap while you're driving. You'll get no wobble as you drive, even on uneven roads, so it's perfect if you want to ensure real stability on your next road-trip.