45 Best Valentines Day Gifts On Amazon Under $25

This post is all about the best Valentine's Day gifts on Amazon.

valentines day gifts amazon

It's time!! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking of the best Valentines Day Gifts to get your significant other.

Honestly, I always have a hard time thinking of a great gift ideas for my boyfriend since all my previous gifts were given at Christmas.

...and I usually feel broke too so I'm looking for cheaper ideas ;).

This post is full of the best Valentines Day Gifts on Amazon under $25.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts on Amazon:

Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriends:

1. Laneige Lip Mask

This Laneige lip mask has been allll over this year. Like seriously people are obsessed with it. And it's pretty affordable!

If your girlfriend is into beauty products or anything to make her lips softer, this is it.

2. Pajamas and Fuzzy Socks

This is a great Valentine's day gift for your girlfriend for SO many reasons!

First, what girl doesn't love fuzzy socks and pajamas? Second, they're under $25 so #affordable. Third, they're on Amazon so free shipping. And fourth, a girl can never have too many fuzzy socks BECAUSE washers and dryers eat them.

If that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will.

3. Apple Watch Band

If your girlfriend owns an Apple Watch, this is such a great gift to spice it up. These are all relatively cheap and make your watch look 10x cuter!

4. Face Mask

Going on the beauty products trend, you really can never go wrong with a face mask!

Face masks are great to relax and take some time to yourself. I definitely recommend this one as a Valentine's Day gift!

This is one of Amazon's best selling face masks.

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5. Earrings

Jewelry is also a great idea to get as a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend. Yes, even when you're on a budget!

I'm listing out gold pieces in each jewelry category down below, so I'll keep this short. But just know that with Amazon, getting your girl jewelry for Valentines Day is not only possible, but affordable too!

6. Necklace

I think that this necklace set is super trendy, and the price is even better

I'd love to get this as a gift for Valentines Day (hint hint ;))!

7. Gold Beaded Bracelets

And last but not least... bracelets!

These are the "cool" bracelets right now. I am obsessed and have some on the way to my house as I write this ;).

8. Sunglasses

No girls will ever not like receiving sunglasses. Most sunglasses are really expensive but these are both perfect valentine's day gifts under $25.

If I were to buy sunglasses right now, these would be the two style I would go for so your girlfriend might like these as well!

9. Charcuterie Board Recipe Book and Board

Charcuterie boards are so fun to make when you're having friends over for drinks or game night! They also just make you feel like your such an adult.

This would be such a great Valentine's Day Gift for anyone that loves to entertain!

10. Books

Does your significant other love to read? Then this is the Valentine's Day gift for them!

Amazon has like a million books for very affordable prices. It's definitely a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift not only for your significant other, but your wallet too!

11. Stemless Wine Glass

I don't know about your girlfriend, but I loveeee wine and would be very happy to get some more wine glasses for Valentine's Day.

These stemless ones are great because it's way harder to spill then a normal glass. Practical AND functional

12. Journal

Does your significant other love to write things down? To-do lists, goals, etc?

So if that applies to your significant other, look into getting them a journal. Amazon has a ton of options under $25 on these too so you'll be giving them a gift that will last for a long time and not completely deplete your bank account!

13. Candle

Honestly a girl can never have enough candles. Like I swear I need 5 for every season.

SO, this Valentine's Day, get your significant some more scents!

15. Crissy Teigen Cookbook

I am obsessed with cookbooks and this is the #1 cookbook I want right now.

but like really...who doesn't like Chrissy Teigen?!

16. Jewelry Stand

The worst feeling is when you have no where to put your jewelry and it just gets tangled everywhere!

Save your significant other from this and get them a cute jewelry stand.

17. Insulated Wine Glass

An insulated wine glass is an amazing gift for any girl that loves to take her wine to go. These seriously keep liquid cold for days! It truly is amazing.

18. Electric Wine Opener

We love anything that makes our lives easier and this is just that.

An electric wine opener is a great Valentine's Day gift for a significant other that loves wine but maybe struggles with opening the bottle haha.

19. Eyeshadow Pallete

You really can't go wrong with any makeup product!

My fav eyeshadow palette right now. I use it every.single.day and have for the last year!

20. Insulated Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are always a go to for any gift giving occasion. And an insulated coffee mug is even better.

These are great for any girl that is constantly on the go but loves her coffee piping hot!

21. Gold Milk Frother

If they're into making themselves fancy coffee drinks than this gold milk frother is perfect! And it's cheap (less than $12).

Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriends:

22. Hoodie

Hoodies are sooo versatile. And tbh no matter who you actually give it to, it's going to wind up back with the girl at some point. But it will never go to waste, that's for sure lol.

23. Bartender Kit

This is such a fun Valentine's Day gift for any guy that loves to make his own drinks or has always wanted to learn!

It pretty much comes with everything you would need to make a great cocktail.

24. Charging Station

Guys loveee their technology. This charging station makes it so much easier to charge all your devices at once!

And it looks pretty sharp too.

25. Cocktail Recipe Book

To go along with the bartending kit, get this cocktail recipe book for Valentine's Day!

This would give your significant other plenty of cool drink recipes to try.

26. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew is all the rage nowadays, and with its caffeine level it is no wonder why!

But starbucks and coffee shops in general can get expensive. Give your significant other the treat of cold brewed coffee right from home with this gift idea.

27. Airpods Case

If your significant other has Airpods, this is such a great Valentine's Day gift!

This will protect their Airpods from ever getting damaged (a real fear of mine lol). and it makes it look cooler than the regular white case!

28. Funny Coffee Mug

I loveee funny gifts. If your boyfriend appreciates a little humor in his gifts, this is a great coffee mug to give him for Valentine's Day!

29. Waffle Maker

If breakfast is your thing, getting a waffle maker for your significant other is a great Valentine's Day gift.

And with Amazon, a waffle maker becomes a great Valentine's Day gift idea that is under $25 (wow I love Amazon honestly)

30. Beard Grooming Kit

If your boyfriend has a lot of facial hair, this is a great Valentine's Day gift!

It literally has everything you would ever need to help you with shaving (at least it looks like it... don't have a beard so I guess I wouldn't know).

31. Corcksicle Whiskey Wedge

If your significant other likes whiskey, these whiskey ice wedges are such a cool Valentine's Day gift!

32. Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are so great for anyone that hates dealing with cords and loves new technology.

This is such a great affordable Valentine's Day gift that will definitely get used!

33.Bucket List Book

If your boyfriend is loves to travel or do spontaneous things, this is a really fun book to get!

You can find things you could do together that you might not have ever thought about. It's definitely a unique gift that you could come back to for years to come.

34.Insulated Beer Rambler

I mean... what guy wouldn't want one an insulated beer rambler to keep their beer cold for hours? Honestly such a great Valentine's Day gift.

35.Golf Balls

If your boyfriend golfs at all, this is a great Valentine's Day gift or gift for any occasion!

Golfers go through golf balls so fast so they can really never have enough.

36. High Ball Glasses

I have included this is a gift idea for Valentine's day that is under $25 because it's pretty much like a guy getting his girlfriend wine glasses (and we know we would love that as a gift).

High ball glasses show your boyfriend that you don't care that he drinks, but he can do it in a classy instead drinking out of red solo cups lol.

37.Baseball Hat

Sports apparel is always a great option for a Valentine's Day gift! Guys can't get enough sports gear so you really can't go wrong.

Some can get a little pricey so this hat is a great, inexpensive gift that he will definitely use.

38. Wallet

If you're just really stuck on what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's day, and you really can't spend more than $25, I highly suggest that you go with a wallet!

Everyone needs a good quality wallet to carry around, and Amazon honestly has a ton of great options.

39. Gym Bag

Did you know that most people who workout regularly do not have a proper gym bag?

Help me solve this injustice by giving your significant other a gym bag for Valentine's Day. Sure it isn't the most glamorous gift, but I guarantee they will feel 10x better walking into the gym.

40. Gift Cards

I've thrown these in the mix for those who have waited until the last minute to get their significant other a Valentine's day gift. Life gets busy, gift cards help.

41. Cook Book

Cook books are always a great Valentine's Day gift for any wannabe chef and this one is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

42.Leather Key Holder

This is such a great customized gift that is also practical!

I love Valentine's Day gifts that I know will be used but also show you put in a little bit of extra effort and this does just that.

43. Beanie

You can never go wrong with a beanie!

Guys love beanies and this one is so on trend while also being affordable... perfect for a Valentine's Day gift!

44. Shower Speaker

We all know someone that thinks their shower singing is concert worthy.

Is that your boyfriend or girlfriend? Help them live their dreams with a shower speaker for Valentine's Day!

45. Ticket Stub Diary

If you and your boyfriend love going to different concerts or shows together, this is a fun way to look back on everything you've done!

Save your tickets to all the different events and collect them in this ticket stub diary!

This post was all about the best gifts for Valentines Day on Amazon.

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