4 Pimping Ideas For A Child-Friendly Car | #CP

Cars are for grown-ups, at least thats how most adults think. Sure, a quality motor helps with the kids, but for the most part, youll be the one behind the wheel dealing with any issues. Of course, like everything parent-related, your kids will take over your pride and joy without a second thought. Before long, your car will be theirs, and theres nothing you can do! The only option is to ensure its child-friendly so that it negates any mess or tantrums. Then, itll be easier for you to drive too.

Here are four things you can do to make your car more fun for your children.

Pick An Exotic Model

Looks arent everything, yet a good-looking car is something kids and adults alike love. So, its an excuse for you to splash out a little and buy the model of your dreams. And, if it isnt within your budget, the Crystal Motor Company has brands from Audis to Beamers and Mercs at affordable prices. As soon as your children see a shiny Mazda sitting in your driveway, theyll instantly want to go for a joy ride. Once you turn them into petrolheads, youll never have to worry about transforming your vehicle into something the kids will like - theyll love it more than you!

Upgrade The Interiors

Of course, the little ones might be too young to appreciate something as mature as a classic Mercedes Benz. German engineering isnt their forte just yet! With that in mind, its essential to leave the outside of the car alone and focus on the inside for their amusement. Seat covers are perfect as you can use their favourite superheroes to catch their attention, while simultaneously stopping the interior from getting dirty. This iNews post has plenty of inspiration for desperate Dads. Remember that screens in the headrests are lost on kids - they are happy riding along with Spiderman.

Pack A Variety Of Entertainment

The worst thing about a long car journey is the boredom. Children cant handle it, and thats when they start to moan and get on your nerves. But, because youre driving, you cant handle the situation appropriately. Thankfully, travel entertainment is on hand to keep them occupied. Packing a travel bag that stays locked in your car means you never need to fret about their concentration levels. An iPad always works wonders, but it might be too expensive, in which case Full Suitcase recommends colouring books and travel-sized board games. If youre taking electronics, dont forget a portable charger.

Be Safety-Conscious

Safety is and always will be your main priority as a parent. Therefore, your car needs substance as well as style. Choosing a model with an excellent safety rating is the first port of call, yet you can add security to your vehicle too. A first-aid kit should be on hand at all times in case of emergencies, and not only driving-related ones. Also, Acko makes an excellent point regarding insurance: make sure any mod-cons are added to your policy.

Hopefully, this advice will finally make your kids love your car as much as you do!

*This post was written in collaboration with a third party, the words expressed are my own*