10(+1) Gifts Under $100

This holiday season, make sure you give the perfect gift to that outdoors person on your list. Theres a lot that goes into this lifestyle, from the pursuit of game, to being afield in need of thatone gadget, to preparing game after the hunt. Great news, at AllOutdoor we did all the work for you, or at least got you started on 10 (+1) gifts under $100. Hurry up get to lookin and get buyin!

Stormy Kromer

The Original Cap, $44.99

The iconic Stormy Kromer, a wool blend helps resist any weather you throw at it. With its iconic look and lasting performance no wonder they havent changed it in a century. This classic lid will keep you warm and dry while in the field or at camp its classic northern look cant be beaten.

Mechanix Gloves

The Original, $24.99

Gloves are a very personal item when it comes to hunting, fishing and outdoors people. The ability to keep you warm, but be very functional is a challenge often not met by most gloves. While the original intent for Mechanix gloves was for work dont be fooled. These gloves are literally workhorses and do a great job of keeping your digits warm, too. With carbon-infused touchscreen capable and excellent breathability, these gloves should be a go to for anyone looking to get their hands dirty.

RigEm Right Blind Bag

Lock and Load Blind Bag, $84.99

When it comes to duck hunting, theres no denying the need for a blind bag hello morning snacks. This bag is bullet proof and water proof and all around marsh proof, ready for the harshest of duck hunting conditions with room for everything you could need in the blind including extra shot shells. Dont hit the blind without it.

Yeti Rambler

24Oz Mug, $29.99

Its tall, its insulated and the perfect all day mug from coffee to beer this thing is the real deal, and now that its not glass its safe for camp. Theres no reason to drink from anything else, we even recommend taking it to your local watering hole (do not mention this article for permission).

For an added $10 you can completely customize your mug with a monogram, design or custom logo too. Cheers!

Stanley Classic

Legendary Bottle | 2QT, $45

The same Stanley your granddad used when he got up before dawn to milk the cows and feed the horses. Its still as great as ever this 2 QT bottle can hold an entire pot of coffee and keep it warm for up to 45 hours! If it aint broke, dont fix it this is the tried and true real deal Stanley. Fill it and dont come home till its gone.

Anker Portable Charger

PowerCore Slim 10000 PD $41.99

Cell phones are ubiquitous these days and we use them for everything from GPS, to music to snapping a picture of great and successful day afield. The one thing we can all agree on isnt our brand of phone, but that the battery always dies before the sunsets dont let that affect your usage anymore. This Anker portable charger has its own pocket and is part of my EDC. Get one now, not when you wish you had one.

Carhartt Apron

Mens Apron, $39.99

Whether you are the camp cook or working in your wood shop this Carhartt apron is meant to be put to the test. Protect your clothing and keep all your tools right at your finger tips and never misplace your hammer or spatula. Youre ready for whatever is thrown at you!

Anova Nano

Sous Vide Nano, $99

When its time to prepare and wow your guests dont do anything until you get your hands on an Anova sous vide. This little tool can take your cooking from decent to restaurant quality in just the time it takes to bubble bath your quarry. This little tool cooks your meat, veggies or really anything to the perfect temp and does so without having to watch it or keep an eye on it. If you dont know about sous vide, hurry up and google it. Then order this and get to cooking!

MeatEater Cookbook

Signed Cookbook, $35

After you get your sous vide, you should learn some great recipes look no further. The team at MeatEater has you covered in this amazing cook book and at $35 you can get it signed! Pro tip: Check the back pages for some amazing tips on cooking gravy, making stock and much more. This is your ultimate guide to cooking game: fin, feather or fur.

onX Premium 1-State Map

Hunt Maps $29.99/Year

onX is your guide to everything hunting related from weather and public/private land boundaries to map tools and offline features you always know where you stand with onX. Dont hit the field without it this year, or next.

Last, but not least is our +1 on the list once youve gotten everything or cant seem to find something on this list to give your has everything offender, give the gift of conservation. Memberships to organizations like Ruffed Grouse Society, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Michigan United Conservation Clubs and National Wild Turkey Federation are a surefire way to give an awesome gift and when you sign up, most times you get a joining gift and often times a yearly subscription to the organizations magazine. These memberships not only say you care, but you know whats going on and are committed to giving to the mission of that organization.

Conservation Membership

Conservation Organization Memberships: $25 $35 range

Membership to a Conservation organization like Ruffed Grouse Society, The National Wild Turkey Federation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is the perfect gift for the outdoors person on your list that has it all for a small amount of money you get your membership for a year, and usually a gift or magazine subscription and most importantly, a great chunk of your dollars is put back towards the mission of that organization! Theres an organization out there for your passion find it and give the gift of conservation this holiday season.

Ruffed Grouse Society:


Backcountry Hunters and Anglers:

Michigan United Conservation Clubs:

So, there you have it. 10 (+1) things to get that outdoors person on your list this season for under $100.

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