Yo-yos that make ice cream now on sale from Takara Tomy and Sanrio

Hello Kitty yo-yo ice cream!

How can you make a yo-yo more fun? Make it a Hello Kitty yo-yo! And how can you make a Hello Kitty yo-yo more fun? Make it a Hello Kitty yo-yo that makes ice cream when you use it! And how do you make a Hello Kitty yo-yo that makes ice cream more fun?

You can’t!

Major Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy may have created the ultimate toy without the need for any fancy AI or robotics. Ice Da Yo-yo – a name that’s fun to say regardless what language you read it in – truly lets kids have their play and eat it too.

First, it should be pointed out that these are a Japanese style of yo-yo. Of course, Japan has the ones with the string that always gets all twisted up too, but when you go to festivals you’ll usually find yo-yos in the form of a small water balloon tied with an elastic band.

▼ They’re usually won in a game called “yoyo tsuri” where kids have to fish them out of a tub by catching their rubber bands with hooks attached to paper that weakens as it gets wet.

Image: Pakutaso

But with Ice Da Yo-yo the balloon is replaced with a special container that mixes the ingredients to make ice cream as it bobs up and down. Inside the yo-yo are two compartments. In one of them you put ice, water, and salt, and as you shake the yo-yo they turn into freezing cold water, which then solidifies the ice cream ingredients that are stored in the second compartment. After about three minutes of yo-yoing, dig in!

Let your imagination run wild and create your own juicy or creamy flavors, or follow one of the 10 recipes in the included booklet. In addition to playing and eating ice cream, kids can learn more about the scientific principles involved in the rapid cooling process.

▼ Recipes include Strawberry Ice Cream, made with strawberries, condensed milk, and milk.

▼ And Matcha Ice Cream, made with matcha au lait powder and milk

Ice Da Yo-yo sells for 2,640 yen ($19) and comes in four of Sanrio’s more popular characters:

▼ Hello Kitty

▼ Cinnamoroll

▼ My Melody

▼ Kuromi

It’s hard to find a single flaw with Ice Da Yo-yo and it’s a great way for kids and adults to really flex their creativity as well as their wrists. Finally, all those elusive regional flavors like iron, crab, natto, and fermented fish can be yours!

Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times (unless otherwise noted)
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