Weekly Wrap Up - Captivity Week 8

Monday was an early morning, since Bella is with her mother this week.  She arrived around 7:15am.  It was a beautiful warm (almost hot) spring day.  We were able to get the windows opened back up and a nice breeze was blowing through the house all day.  Olivia is pet sitting again so she was up early to got tend to the critters.  The kids spent a lot of time outside playing after school work was done.  Olivia only has Spanish left, Lindsey only has Spanish and language arts left.  Dinner was flounder, salad and corn.

Tuesday morning Olivia called about a job at a stable and was asked to come over for an interview.  I drove her over and dropped her off for an hour or so to give the owners a chance to see her doing some work.  The interview went well, and she was told to come back on Wednesday morning to start training.  Once she's done with training, it will only be Saturday and Sunday work, but it's a start.  I worked on laundry, yet again.  The evening was pretty laid back as well.  Dinner was baked macaroni & cheese with turnip/turnip greens.

Wednesday morning the clock went off at 4:45 am.  Olivia is not a morning person, but she was excited for her first day on the job.  I dropped her off at 5:40am.  She had her first experience driving a farm tractor and also a Kioti utility vehicle (good thing we've been working on her driving).   She feeds  the horses and turns them out in the mornings (about an hour of work) and then goes back at 1pm to do the afternoon feeding and switch the animals from the field to the stable.   I don't mind taking her, but I will be glad when she's got her own license (if the DMV ever opens back up in our state) and her own vehicle.   She is working for a world renowned trainer/showman, so this is an excellent opportunity for her on many levels.   For dinner I made ham pot-pie, and then Lindsey made chocolate chip cookies.

We are now binge watching season 2 of The Masked Singer.  I can't believe Patti Labelle didn't make it to the finals.  So much agenda pushing....now I remember why we haven't had TV for the last 18 years.

Thursday morning Olivia didn't need to be a the farm so I let her sleep until about 8am.  She is pet sitting this week, so she needed to get up and get that done.  Bella got here at her regular time.  I went grocery shopping a little after 8am and then picked up the school food.  Olivia drove me over to my friend Yvette's house to meet & greet with the 4 dogs that were added to the family.  Olivia will be dog sitting some for them starting this weekend through next weekend.  While we were out we stopped at the nursery and picked up some tomato plants and a yummy chocolate mint plant.  We also stopped at a Mennonite store and picked up a loaf of fresh bread and some apple cinnamon rolls to add to dinner.   Dinner was chicken legs, pasta and broccoli.

Friday morning Olivia and I headed to the farm.  Lindsey got up early for Jayce's arrival, only to get texted 15 minutes after his arrival time to be told he wasn't coming, because he stayed up late last night.  She was a bit annoyed, and rightly so.   Bella arrived at 7:15am and their day got started.  Olivia had her last day of dog sitting for this week's client.  It'll be a cleaning and laundry day.   Dinner is supposed to be spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread.

We are supposed to have a cold front move in with a hard freeze warning the next couple of nights.  I thought I'd take a few photos of some of my flowers that may not survive.   The azaleas are on the right side of my house in my flower garden.  The irises and poppies are in the flower beds to the left side of the house, by our sunporch.

Have a great weekend!