Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Tim D’Alfonso

I've Gotta Hand it to You:  Today's theme made me think of Bob Fosse and Jazz Hands.  Each theme clue has a Handsy meaning.

17-Across. Nondigital means of telling time: ANALOG WATCH.

29-Across. Display after a poker player's call: CARDS ON THE TABLE.

49-Across. Appreciation at a live performance: ROUND OF APPLAUSE.

And the unifier:

61-Across. Quick polling method, and what 17-, 29-, and 49-Across all are, in different ways: SHOW OF HANDS.  Hand up if you sussed today's theme.

1. Hotel amenity that may require a password: WI-FI.
5. Put up with: ABIDED.

11. More, in Spanish: MAS.  Today's Spanish lesson.  Hi, Lucina!

14. Playmates: PALS.

15. Negative campaign message?: VOTE NO.  Cute clue.

16. Molecule in some vaccines: RNA.  Everything you wanted to know about RNA vaccines but didn't know to ask.

RNA's structure vs DNA's structure

19. Plum's center: PIT.
20. Bar bill: TAB.

21. Southeast Asian language: LAO.  Everything you wanted to know about the language of Laos but didn't know to ask.  The language is very similar to that spoken in Thailand.  Laos is a land-locked country that primarily borders Thailand and Vietnam.

22. __ Valley: Reagan Library site: SIMI.

23. Takeout option with egg rolls: CHINESE.  Yummers!

27. Tool for opening wooden crates: CROW BAR.

31. "Star Trek Beyond" actor John: CHO.  John Cho (né Cho Yo-Han; b. June 15, 1972) was born in Seoul, South Korea.  He also stared in the Harold & Kumar movies.  [Name # 1.]

32. Small vortex: EDDY.

33. Pigpen: STY.
34. Breathe heavily: PANT.

36. Place for a peel: SPA.

38. Common promise from a procrastinator: SOON.

42. MMA org.: UFC.  Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship.

45. Stately trees: ELMs.

48. Be nosy: PRY.

54. Naval officer: ADMIRAL.

55. Onion kin: SHALLOT.  What's the difference between Shallots and Onions?

56. Snoozes: NAPS.

57. Milk source: COW.

59. Sault __ Marie: STE.  Sault Ste. Marie straddles the international boarder of the United States (Michigan) and in Canada (Ontario).  The twin cities are connected by a bridge across the St. Mary River.     Sault Ste. Marie claims to be one of the oldest cities in the United States.  Hi, Yoopers Phil and CanadianEh!  

60. Brief "Oversharing!": TMI.  Textspeak for Too Much Information.  It has become a crossword staple, appearing in a puzzle just last week.

66. Play it by __: EAR.

67. Taken from above, as photos: AERIAL.  Can you guess the city below?

68. Early color TVs: RCAs.  A timeline of the RCA (Radio Company of America).

69. Unenviable grade: DEE.

70. Harden into bone: OSSIFY.

71. Email folder: SENT.


2. Bond creator Fleming: IAN.  In addition to creating Bond, James Bond, Ian Fleming (né Ian Lancaster Fleming; May 28, 1908 ~ Aug. 12, 1964) also wrote Chitty Chatty Bang Bang: The Magical Car for his son, Casper.  [Name # 2.]

3. __ Building: Manhattan landmark named for its triangular shape: FLAT IRON.  The Flat Iron building was built in 1902 by renowned architect Daniel Burnham (né Daniel Hudson Burnham; Sept. 4, 1846 ~ June 1, 1912).

4. Kitchen prep spot: ISLAND.

5. Slugger's stat: AVG.  As in Average.

6. Archery device: BOW.

7. Lang. of Florence: ITAL.  Italian is spoken in Florence, Italy, the home of David.

8. Separate: DETACH.

9. Concert bonuses: ENCORES.  Theme adjacent.  I saw the Tina: The Tina Turner Musical recently.  There was a big Encore at the end of the show.  The cast got a big Hand before and after the Encore.

10. Play-__: kids' clay: DOH.

11. Onetime Dr Pepper rival: MR. PIBB.  We think we saw Mr. Pibb recently.  Mr. Pibb arrived on the scene in the summer of 1972.  [Name adjacent.]

12. Cat or rat: ANIMAL.  Not only are they animals, but they are rhyming animals.  

13. Political humor, often: SATIRE.

18. Beyond plump: OBESE.

Actually in this case, the"obese" sheep is too full of wool.

22. Influences: SWAYS.

23. Letters on a Soviet uniform: CCCP.  As in Central Committee of the Communist Party.  //  And 41-Down. Russian "no": NYET.

24. "Very funny": HA HA!

25. Lawn roll: SOD.

26. Conclusions: ENDS.

28. Baseball Hall of Famer Mel: OTT.  Mel Ott (né Melvin Thomas Ott; Mar. 2, 1909 ~ Nov. 21, 1958) was born in Gretna, Louisiana.  He played for the New York Giants for nearly 20 years from 1926 through 1947.  Tragically, he was killed from injuries sustained in a car accident.  He was only 49 years old.   [Name # 3.]

30. Far from laid-back: TYPE A.

35. North African capital: TUNIS.  Tunis is the capital of Tunisia.

37. Swiss peaks: ALPS.

39. Wealth: OPULENCE.

40. "... __ it seems": OR SO.

43. New Deal president's initials: FDR.  As in Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Jan. 30, 1882 ~ Apr. 12, 1945).   [Name # 3.]  //  And 1-Down. 43-Down job-creating program: WPA.  Originally known as Works Progress Administration, later renamed to Works Projects Administration.   //  And 58-Down. Conflict during 43-Down's presidency, briefly: WWII.  Also known as World War II.  [Name #4.]

44. Team instructors: COACHES.

46. Speedometer abbr.: MPH.  As in Miles Per Hour.

47. Drastically lower, as prices: SLASH.

49. __ and raved: RANTED.

50. Whoopi's "Ghost" role: ODA MAE.  [Name # 5.]

51. Ballpark figure?: UMPIRE.  Cute clue.

52. Elevator stops: FLOORS.

53. Chapel fixtures: ALTARS.

61. __ Paulo, Brazil: SÃO.  The city has an interesting history.

62. Clumsy sort: OAF.

63. Go by plane: FLY.  //  And 65-Down.  Bygone jet, for short: SST.  As in SuperSonic Transport.

64. Levy of "Schitt's Creek": DAN.  Dan Levy (né Daniel Joseph Levy; b. Aug. 9, 1983) is the son of Eugene Levy (b. Dec. 17, 1946).  They look alike.  [Name # 6.]

And the Grid: