Toddler Month by Month: 30

Hi everyone and welcome to Month 30 with your baby and Month 30 with my toddler Bracey.  

How Old is a 30-Month-Old Toddler?

Your toddler is now 2 years and 6 months old or 2 ½ years old. In six months, your toddler will be 3. Amazing, right? 

Average Weight and Height of a 30-Month-Old Toddler?

Average Weight of 30-Month-Old? 

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average weight for a 30-month-old toddler is 29.9 pounds for boys (13.5 kilos) and 28.8 pounds (13 kilos) for girls.

How tall is the average 30-Month-Old? 

The average height for a 30-month-old boy is 36 inches (91 cm) and for a girl is 35.6 inches (90 cm). 

30 Month Old Toddler Developmental Milestones  

30-Month-Old Toddler Speech Milestones

What’s typical for a 30-month-old when it comes to speech and language

By this age, many toddlers can:

  • Say 50-100 words (some toddlers are saying even more by this point)
  • Utter 2- to 4-word phrases, including with an action word like “Horsey run.
  • Say words like “I,” “me,” or “we.” 
  • Name things in a book when you point to them. Point to things in the book when you name them (i.e., where is the banana?). 
  • Invite you to notice what they are doing by saying “look.” 

How to Promote your 30-Month-Old Toddler Speech?

Here are some easy language activities for a toddler this age: 

  • Play Who’s That? Go around the house pointing to different family members, encouraging your toddler to say their names out loud. 
  • Play What’s Mommy or Daddy Wearing? Point to elements of your wardrobe (pants, shirt, sneakers, socks, shirt), asking your toddler to identify them. 
  • When your toddler points to something, say the sentence for them. Example: your toddler points to a book, so you say “Bracey would you like to read “The Cat in the Hat?” 
  • Ask your toddler what they are eating. Be Precise. If they seem at a loss, give them a choice. Example: “Bracey, are you eating a hamburger or salmon? Broccoli or carrots? A mango or a banana?” Try to use correct grammar with your toddler.
  • Give your toddler a stack of crayons and ask him to find the red one, the blue one, or the yellow one. Then, if they pick one up, ask them “what color is that crayon?” 

What are Developmental Milestones and Why do they Matter?

Developmental Milestones tell us that a majority of children perform a certain activity regarding speech, physical or cognitive-intellectual development, at a certain age. Children grow at their own pace, and there’s a huge range of “normal”. Keep that in mind. I always tell people that my kids did everything late and they’re fine now. They sat up late, walked late, and talked late. It’s good to be aware of milestones, though, because you want to encourage your child to hit the milestones, which basically means to learn and develop. Milestones are important because they help us make sure our children are on track. If you do not notice developments in our child’s speech, changes, new words or more words (or have concerns about your child’s language or other milestones) have your child evaluated by your paediatrician. Early intervention in cases of speech delay, with hearing challenges, and with regard to other cognitive and physical milestones, is crucial. 

Physical Development Milestones for a 30-month-old Toddler

In terms of gross motor skills, most 30-month-olds can walk and run, walk up and down stairs with no or little support, kick and throw a ball, jump forward with two feet at a time, climb the jungle gym, go down the slide, and build a tower of at least 5-10 blocks. 

Physical Activities for a 30-Month-Old Toddler 

Keep your toddler moving inside and outside. When inside, encourage them to climb onto and off of the sofa, to kick and throw soft balls (if your home is set up for this), to dance, to hop, and to roll on the floor. When outside, spend time on the jungle gym, swings, slide, seesaw, and riding a bike. Maybe your toddler is even able to ride a bike with training wheels. Introduce jogging, too, by having your toddler run around the playground for short intervals that you can extend over time.  

30-Month-Old Toddler Jumping Activity 

Here’s a fun indoor or outdoor activity for a 30-month-old. Create a line on your floor by putting down tape, a cord, or an exercise band. This is kind of like hopscotch. Encourage your toddler to: 

  • hop with both feet together over the band. 
  • balance on their right foot and then hop over the band; then, do the same on their left foot. 
  • hop backwards with both feet.
  • hop sideways with both feet 
  • Climb over without touching the band in downward dog on their hands and feet. 

If you’re feeling energetic, do this activity alongside your toddler. That will get your heartrate up, for sure. 

Intellectual Activities for a 30-Month-Old-Toddler

At this stage, intellectual activity is present each time your toddler learns something. Try to emphasize fine motor skills as you work on your toddler’s cognitive and language growth. Here are five terrific games to encourage fine motor skills:

  • Magical magnets or magnetic construction tiles. A cousin of Magnatiles, these triangular and square shapes allow for simple and more advanced play (from a simple house to a rocket), so your child can use them for years. 
  • A finger paint set. Providing a cardboard grid with dots, these sets allow your child to paint various animals. Say the name of the animal and its color out loud while your child paints. 
  • Plastic chain links. These sets help develop precision and hand strength as your child creates necklaces, bracelets and long cords. Encourage your toddler to do patterns with these to develop early math skills. Go from red-blue-red-blue to red-red-blue and more complex patterns. 
  • Egg classifier. Your child matches an inner and outer shape and colors as they clasp these nifty little eggs together. The eggs each contain a different form so your child can learn shape recognition and depth perception, as well. Practice clean up by asking your toddler to place the eggs back into the box. 
  • Oversize plastic screws and bolts. These encourage your child to screw the two pieces together while matching colors. This game helps develop precision, hand strength and coordination along with cognitive skills. And just think: you might be training an in-house handyman!

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Your Toddler’s Social and Emotional Growth 

Your Toddler’s Sense of Humour 

You might notice your toddler starting to make jokes. Go with it. Sometimes when I am reading to Bracey and nursing him, as I put him down to bed or for a nap, he looks at me and says “no night night.” Rather than say, “yes night night,” I try to be flexible and chuckle with him and say: “Ok Bracey, would you prefer one more book or night night?” You can guess what he chooses. Try to make little silly jokes with your toddler. Sometimes, when I am about to change Bracey’s diaper, I say “Mommy poopy diaper” or “Bracey poopy diaper.” He laughs out loud. Then, sometimes he says “Mommy diaper.” I guess at some point, hopefully in the way distant future, our kids will be changing our diapers. 

Stubbornness in Toddlers 

Experts advise that stubbornness in toddlers is closely related to tantrums, which pop us as toddlers realize that they don’t control their environment as much as they might hope. Check with your pediatrician if you are having trouble getting out the door, getting your child to eat, or putting your child down at night or for a nap. I try to give Bracey control over small things that don’t matter like what book to read, what to play, and what fruit to eat. I find that the more control he feels over small matters, the fewer the tantrums. 

What Should My 30-Month-Old Toddler Be Eating? 

Give your toddler a wide variety of foods from the basic food groups. Pay special attention to protein and dairy to make sure your toddler is getting the daily required amount of Vitamin D (600 IUs) and calcium (700 mg or 2-3 servings). Your doctor likely is recommending low fat milk by this point. Portion sizes for toddlers should be ¼ to ½ of an adult portion. For a comprehensive look at great food to give toddlers this age, check out Month 27.

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Schedule for Breastfeeding or Milk Feeding Babies at 30 Months of Age

Follow the same schedule as during prior months. Your toddler will need about 12.5-14 hours of sleep over a 24 hour period. That means 11-12 hours at night and a 1.5-3 hours nap. Bracey sleeps 13-15 hours a day, 11-12 hours at night with a nap of 1.5-2 hours. Use this schedule as a loose framework to encourage your child to get regular meals and rest periods to keep energy levels consistent. 

  • 7am feed* & breakfast 
  • 10am snack
  • 12pm feed & lunch (1-3pm sleep)
  • 3pm feed & snack 
  • 6:30pm dinner  
  • 7:30pm final milk feeding 
  • 8pm bedtime

*Start the schedule when your toddler wakes up. If you are no longer breastfeeding, give milk or its alternative after the meal. 

Trouble Getting my Toddler Down for Sleep or a Nap

This is a classic problem and we’ve all been through it. I went through it with Bracey a few months ago when he was really resisting going to bed. The best and only thing to do is to stay consistent. Once it’s time for bed, your toddler is going to bed. So if they cry or refuse or resist, just keep bringing them back to bed. Don’t play, read or have fun. Don’t be mean and give a kiss, but be firm. In my experience, sooner or later your toddler realizes he’s tired and goes to bed. 

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Bracey update 

During his 30th month, Bracey began pedaling a bicycle with training wheels. He began asking more concretely for what he wanted to do, where he wanted to go or what book he wanted to read. Various art projects, trips to the park, and dancing sessions rounded out an awesome month. 

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