This Facebook Group Has People Sharing The View From Their Window, Here Are 132 Of The Most Interesting Pics

Ever since the dawn of art, painters were mesmerized by the idea of gazing at the view from one’s window. Salvador Dali's famous painting called “Young Woman at a Window” from 1925, which shows a woman looking at the bay of Cadaqués, is one of the examples.

The Facebook group “View From Your Window” takes this concept further and invites people to share pictures of things they see either through their camera lens or an actual window.

“View from YOUR window was created in August 2020 when we were all in Covid lockdown. I (Marian Viljoen - founder) had a fabulous view over the Indian Ocean and Mtamvuna River Valley at Port Edward, South Africa,” the group’s description says.

Initially, the group was created with the creator’s family and friends in mind in order “to encourage them to look outside their own 4 walls and see the beauty around them” but has since grown immensely and become a strong community stretching through all the corners of the world.

Below we wrapped up some of the most interesting and inspiring views people saw through their windows and shared with others.

#1 View From Our Window In Giza, Egypt!

Image credits: Elaine Williams

#2 View From My Favorite Window In My Favorite House In Paxos, Greece

Image credits: Adeline Bernard

#3 Grindlewald, Switzerland. The Incredible View From My Window For A Few Savored Days

Image credits: Julie Buckley

#4 Seriously, No Privacy

Image credits: Holly LaBo

#5 View From My Window!! Pakistan

Image credits: Manzoor Ahmad

#6 Asheville, NC, USA

Image credits: Marissa Joyce

#7 View From My Living Room In Sherman, Connecticut

Image credits: Maggie Gruar

#8 A Nice View Of Our Garden In Denmark

Image credits: Bettina Larsen

#9 Just Watching Me In My Bathroom. Homer, Alaska

Image credits: Cristina Smith

#10 View From My Sliding Glass Door. Asheville, Nc USA

Image credits: Melisa Richbourg

#11 View From My Treehouse Stay In Odda, Norway

Image credits: Tiffany Blowers

#12 The View From My Home. Greetings From Slovenia

Image credits: Sabina Potokar

#13 So Happy When I Get To See This Magic From My Living Room Window

Image credits: Päivi Vehniäinen

#14 I Live In The Center Of Sarajevo, B&H, And I Don't Have An Ideal View From All The Windows. I'm Trying To Fix It

Image credits: Azemina Hujdur Vrhovčić

#15 View From Our Window. NB, Canada

P.S., he always has a door open for him to come in and out as he likes and it wasn’t a cold day just because we had some snow

Image credits: Lynn Jacobson

#16 We Just Arrived In Tokyo Two Hours Ago, My Younger Son Is Watching The City From Our Hotel Window. And Yes, That Is A Godzilla There On The Top Of A Building Next To Us

Image credits: Gabi Debreczeni-Rasko

#17 The View From My Bedroom In Cumbria, UK

Image credits: Chris Clarke

#18 I Used To Dislike This View Growing Up. Now I Go Home Literally To Sit Here And Look Out. Waitomo - New Zealand

Image credits: Hemi Tangihaere

#19 The View From My New Place In Oregon

After 17 years in an abusive marriage my children and I finally have a home to call our own. I’ve been homeless since the separation & the divorce is almost finalized! Here’s to new beginnings

Image credits: Erin Rodriguez

#20 Picture From My Window, In Estonia

Image credits: Kadri Budrikaitė

#21 View From Dubrovnik, Croatia

Image credits: Sara Martina Kolar

#22 Sun Is Out With A Mild Cold Breeze In Hunza, Pakistan

I am going to stay on that chair all day today & do nothing. In cities, we forget how important doing nothing is

Image credits: Khawaja Nouman Maqbool

#23 Literally From My Kitchen Window. I Love The Beautiful Peacocks. San Pedro, California

Image credits: Elizabeth Harris

#24 My Favourite Thing In Life Is Introducing My Dog Hachi To Children Who Are Scared Of Dogs

I don't want humans to spend their entire life with that fear without knowing what they are missing... A dogs love is a top shelf thing on this planet. Domesticated Dog is a rare sight in Hunza. My house in Ganaish, Hunza Pakistan.

Image credits: Khawaja Nouman Maqbool

#25 View From The Window Of My Father's Home Campione Del Garda Garda Lake, Italy

Image credits: Sara Nicoli

#26 View From Our Boat! We Live Aboard Full Time With Our 3 Kids And Travel The World, Crossing Oceans And Going Island To Island

This particular shot is on our way from Key West, FL to Georgetown, Bahamas. The stars and sunsets are my favorite views from boat life!

Image credits: Crystal Murphey Cruising Colette

#27 View From My Window In Bilambil Heights, East Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Image credits: Debbie Teitzel

#28 My Window View In Kyiv, Ukraine

Image credits: Юлія Кузнєцова

#29 View From My Window, Pakistan

Jahaz Banda, is a large meadow in the upper reaches of Kumrat Valley, Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 3,100 m above sea level

Image credits: Muhammad Fahad

#30 My View And My Enjoying Cat From Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: Kevser Sarıaydın

#31 View Of Okanagan Lake From My Aunt's Sunroom In Summerland, British Columbia, Canada

Image credits: Rebecca Clyburn

#32 Roger vs. The Iguana In Parkland, Florida

Roger passed away two weeks ago and our hearts are broken but I love all our memories of him. This was his favorite window

Image credits: Robin Ross

#33 Leaving An Abusive Marriage After Almost 20 Years. This Is The View From My New Apartment’s Bedroom Window

It’s not the most beautiful view but it’s all mine and I am finally starting to feel free! Fall River, Massachusetts USA

Image credits: Amy Beauregard

#34 Had To Share This Beautiful Sunrise From My Kitchen Window This Morning In Bonnie Scotland

Image credits: Maureen Turner

#35 Our View From Villeneuve Loubet (French Riviera), France

Image credits: Carolina Frecautanu

#36 View From My Living Room Window In Northern Ireland

Image credits: Joyce Ferder

#37 My Window Czech Republic

Image credits: Daniela Mášová

#38 View From My Kitchen Window - The Driveway. Young Male Zebra. Zimbabwe

Image credits: Lindsay Parker

#39 I Live On The Island Of Mallorca, Spain. This Is What I Wake Up To Every Day

Image credits: Nathalie Richter

#40 My Grandma’s House View! Antioquia, Colombia

Image credits: Ulpiana Ortega

#41 View From A Window On My Way To Work. Norway

Image credits: Katarína Kvetková

#42 We Live In A Compound With Just 3 Houses. I Love How Secluded It Feels Even If We Are In The City. Bangkok, Thailand

Image credits: Lorelee Eusebio-Franssen

#43 Room View, Antarctica

Image credits: Elena Epelman

#44 These 2 Started Visiting Shortly After We Moved In

They were obviously fed by the previous owner. As you can see the female is very tame and comes right into the house to tell me its feeding time. I have named the big guy Stanley and the female Lizzy. They are woolly necked storks. South coast KZN South Africa

Image credits: Elaine Lindsay Dilley

#45 A View From My Grandma’s House In Lappeenranta, Finland

Image credits: Sam Ilmi Taskinen

#46 This Is The View From Our Living Room In Kaiwaka, New Zealand

I was a young divorcee at 35 years of age and searched everywhere for a place to call my own, when I actually dreamed of this view one morning and walked into the house two days later. Back then I had to drive two hours to the international airport about once a week to work as a long haul flight attendant. Then after three or four or five days away, I drove the two hours to get home to the country where I could be on my own in the peace and the quiet. My two cats would always be waiting for me on the top of the driveway no matter what hours I came home. Over time, I learned to love my solitude and to love me exactly as I am.

Image credits: Vera ShaoYing Lin

#47 Kumrat, Pakistan

Image credits: Shamshir Naqvii

#48 View Of Garden From My Kitchen Window. UK

Image credits: Suki Gill

#49 I Took This Photo From The Balcony A Year Ago, I Still Have It In My Gallery And I Still See Them Together Like This

Image credits: Kristýna Bruschová

#50 Welcome To Eastern Uganda Elgon Region Mountain Elgon Ranges

Image credits: Hadija Nambafu

#51 View From My Window Norway 30/03/2023 Still Snowing

Image credits: Sliman Suilmi

#52 The View From My Ex-Office Window In Kyiv, Ukraine. Missing My Home City So Much Being Away

Image credits: Galyna Makovkina

#53 The Old Abandoned Farmhouse Across The Street From My House In Bavaria, Germany

No People live there anymore, but 11 friendly stray Cats and a whole bunch of Chickens

Image credits: Chiyah Anima

#54 Moose Looking In My Window. Wasilla, Alaska

Image credits: Gesa Gustafson

#55 View From My Kitchen Window At My Cabin In Sjusjøen, Norway

Image credits: Anne Kristin Bendiksen

#56 My Balcony View Sydney, Australia

Image credits: Manuela Pimentel

#57 Who Needs A TV When You Have An Ever Changing View From Your Front Window

Everyday the view changes entirely depending on the visibility, tides, sea conditions and weather. In summer it’s special, but in winter we’re totally spoilt with sunsets. I’m in the far North West, Scottish Highlands

Image credits: Sofie Burley

#58 The View From Our Room, Soufriere, St. Lucia

Image credits: DK Gallagher

#59 Nice To See What Kind Of Landscapes People Drink Their Morning Coffee In. This Is My Landscape. Vuolenkoski, Finland

Image credits: Tero Saarinen

#60 View From Our Tent In Kenya. Kilimanjaro

Image credits: Nancy-Eloise Fellows

#61 The View Of Mae Teang,chiangmai Thailand

Image credits: Pawee Na

#62 View From My Cousins Home In Paris

Image credits: Olivia Steindler

#63 Hi From Slovakia

Image credits: Jozef Lapoš

#64 View From My Window In Świecie, Poland. My House Is The Most Heavily Guarded In The World!

Image credits: Filip Glazik

#65 View From My Window For The Next Two Days. Lovely Sansi Kendwa Zanzibar

Image credits: Ivona Ivona

#66 The View From The Sacred Valley Of The Incas, Cuzco, Perú

Image credits: Franchesca A. Durand

#67 My View From My Living Room And Kitchen. I Live In Viggja In Norway

Image credits: Siw Marit Dalheim Bårdvik

#68 My Gorgeous View From Monument Valley In Utah (The View Hotel). Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Image credits: Laurence S-Gauthier

#69 One Of My Big Dreams Came True Last Summer

After two years of hard work, my children and I moved into this house. Every day in this house feels like a blessing. I have built the house on the farm I grew up on. We live in Loen, in Norway

Image credits: Silje Opheim

#70 View From My Lounge In North Yorkshire, UK

Image credits: Simon Baldry

#71 The View From My Kitchen Window. Auckland, New Zealand

Image credits: Maxine West

#72 View From My Living Room. Bonnie Scotland In The Winter

Image credits: Maureen Turner

#73 This Is The View From My Living-Room. I Live In Santiago De Chile

Image credits: Peter Olin

#74 Finally Bought Our First Home .not A Bad View From My Bedroom Window Every Morning "Tipperary Ireland"

Image credits: Kayleigh Clarke

#75 View Of The Sunrise From My Patio Windows

I drink my coffee and enjoy this view every morning! It’s probably my favorite thing about our new home. Westlake, TX, U.S.A.

Image credits: Ragan Coker Aguilera

#76 View From My Window In Summer. Kenya

Image credits: Despina Kupiec

#77 Greece, Athens. Poseidonos Avenue

In Greece we have almost 9 months of summer. it is wonderful to leave the house and go for a swim in the sea across the street (And since we are having so many questions under the picture about 'what is that dead animal that is hanging on the balcony' we have to clarify that it's just a little Santa Claus, facing the sea, as a part of the Christmas decoration, since the picture was taken in the Christmas season )

Image credits: Be My Guest By The Seaside

#78 Of All The Beautiful Views In North Wales This Is From My Hotel Window

Image credits: Suzanne Hinchliffe

#79 View From My Windows, Cracow Poland

Image credits: Błażej Sroka

#80 Mykonos Island! Greece

Image credits: Kyriakos Polidoulis

#81 View From Window. My Hotel In Bali

Image credits: Pkm E NooPia

#82 Bay Of Kotor, Montenegro

Image credits: Andy Kneisel

#83 I Left My German Sheppard Outside For Just 20 Min In Good Weather. That's What I Saw When I Was Back. It's Spring In Canada

Image credits: Maya Bakhteyeva

#84 Anchored In Exumas. My Teachers Told Me I’d Never Get Paid To Stare Out The Windows All Day

Image credits: Zujovic Vladimir

#85 My Beautiful View Every Morning In Ottersøy, Norway!

Image credits: Laura Ozoliņa

#86 Loved My Window While Visiting Lovely Paris, 16th Arr

Image credits: Julie Buckley

#87 Roman Amphitheatre, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. View From My Office

Image credits: Atanas Arnaudov

#88 This Was The View Of Our Hotel In In Giza/Egypt Not Far Away From Cairo Last Week. Could Have Stayed There All Day

Image credits: Mone Zettier

#89 This Is A View From My Front Door Which Shows Our House Balcao Which Means Balcony In The Portuguese Language

This is an unique design with lots of sitting space .. our family loves to spend time chatting and kids playing around . Our country side house is surrounded with greenery I live at Majorda Goa in India

Image credits: Elizabeth Nogar Godinho

#90 Wishing You All Love From Canada

Image credits: Alison Ramsay

#91 This Is View From My Kitchen Window This Morning, Love It

Our house (and the whole quarter) is almost hundred years old. I really love to see all your views from old neighbourhoods with history. Oh, and I live in Kuopio, Finland

Image credits: Päivi Keinänen

#92 View From The Window Of Our Cottage In Austria

Image credits: Amelia Tjekka

#93 Taken From My Bedroom Window. The Little Roo Family Were Back Out At 3am. This Mumma Appears To Have A Joey In Her Pouch

Image credits: Sue Meers

#94 View From My Window-I Was Admitted In The's Langata-Nairobi Kenya

Image credits: Maryann Ndindi

#95 Minnesota

Image credits: Samantha Hess

#96 View From My Kitchen Window. Ålesund, Norway

Image credits: Annette Sortehaug

#97 View From My Living Room In Kokkino Chorio In Crete. An Absolute Dream And Privilege To Build A House Facing The Sea

Image credits: Julie Ann Singleton

#98 View From Our Kitchen Window. Castle Rock, Colorado USA

Image credits: LeaAnn Deis Yost

#99 View From My Library Window In Snåsa, Rural Norway. We Have About 4 Hours Daylight This Time Of Year, And The Cold Winter Light Makes Everything Beautiful - I Think

Image credits: Ingeborg Berg

#100 View From My Window. Como Lake, Italy

Image credits: Francy Maglia

#101 After The End Of A 16 Year Marriage, Me And My Girls Moved Into Our Very Own House And This Is What I Was Greeted With When The Last Boxes Were Moved In

Image credits: Suzanne Cowey

#102 Not A Bad View To Wake Up To

Image credits: Aimee Thomas

#103 A View From My Balcony, Sunset, Pyramids, Egypt

Image credits: Mona Adel

#104 A View From A Shepherd’s Hut On A Hike In Hunza Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Image credits: Samantha Taylor

#105 I Moved Back To The UK Last Summer After A Very Long Time Away And Am Now In A Tiny Flat In The Centre Of Darlington, Durham

Had never been here before I moved in but it’s a nice town with friendly people. View from my bedroom window

Image credits: Susie Granic

#106 Greetings From Bourgogne France. On Scene Murphy The Cat And Valentine The Pony

Image credits: Anita Jonker - van Alen

#107 Manali, India

Image credits: Siddhant Tyagi

#108 Goodmorning Everyone! This Is Our View From Our House In Sadu - Romania

Image credits: Marjolein Pîrvu Lindhout

#109 Boys Being Boys! Showing Off For The Ladies Outside Our Window

Image credits: Holly LaBo

#110 View From My Window - Thun, Switzerland

Image credits: Elitsa Hristova

#111 View From My Living Room Surfers Paradise Queensland Australia

Image credits: Rumeysa Canli

#112 View From Hotel, Austria, Katschberg

Image credits: Lucija Surać

#113 Enjoyed This Lovely Sunset In Terrace, Karachi, Pakistan

Image credits: Arsalan Ahmed

#114 From My Balcony In Atlanta Ga

Image credits: Yasmin Phoebe Dordoy

#115 I Will Be Leaving This Place Soon

This has been a happy home for me, only for a year but has taught me to love solitude! I live alone but absolutely love witnessing the beautiful loving families in the apartments across...and the occasional visitors...Just maneuvering out of a very painful phase and realizing that there is so much to be grateful for.! Pune, India!

Image credits: Priyadarshini Mukherjee

#116 My View From My Bedroom Window

Across the street is an old firehouse from 1912, now a private home. The owner of that also owns the old mansion that I rent an apt in from 1903. She owns many homes in the area, but has an attention to detail and history like I do. Enjoy, I am glad to be a new part of this group, the idea of seeing people’s views from all over excites me! Oh this is Portland, Oregon

Image credits: Josh Ignatz

#117 Here Is My “Not-So-Special” View From Our Home In Mississippi, United States Where We Raise Our Four Children With A Love Of All Outdoor Views!

Image credits: Erikka Dawson

#118 As The Sun Goes Down Out My Window In Port Waikato, New Zealand

Image credits: Kim Keary

#119 Day & Night From My Bedroom In Downtown Dallas, Tx

Image credits: Christina English

#120 The View From The Kitchen Window In Our Tiny House Se Qld Australia

Image credits: Jaime Davidson

#121 My View For The Next 2 Weeks. Maldives

Image credits: Corina Nitu

#122 View From My Window And It Is Not An April Fool's Joke! Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada

Image credits: Linda Carol Thomas

#123 Alexandria, Egypt

Image credits: Amr Esmat

#124 View From My Window Doha Qatar

Image credits: Alaa Elsherbiny

#125 View From My Room. (Mecca - Saudi Arabia)

Image credits: Group participant

#126 View From The Balcony Of My Sister's Flat. - Karachi, Pakistan

Image credits: Muhammed Sami

#127 View From My Window Karachi, Pakistan

Image credits: Syed Shahmir Ali

#128 View From My Window. Czech Republic, Opava City. January 2023

Image credits: Tom Proske

#129 View From My Window In Alberta, Canada

Image credits: Ulla Neumann Allan

#130 The View From The Balcony, Here At Be'er Yaakov, Israel

Image credits: Ella Herzog

#131 I Woke Up This Morning With This View While In Romania

Image credits: جورجيا جورجيا

#132 Our Manhattan Home!

Image credits: Camille Molas